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Video Clip: Answering your fan mail!

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Life

You sent in your dirty questions and I’m here to answer them ALL! Check out the video below to find out how I film my scenes, if I prefer topping or bottoming and who would I fuck again Adam Killian or Rafael Carreras!!

Watch me in action at

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I am a… CUM WHORE!

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Life

Hey guys it’s Jonathan Agassi here and I’m sending you back your ASK ME questions!

1-Which one of these words describes u best?? 1) Piss slut 2) Cum slut…
Do u always enjoy eat your own cum???

I’m definitely a……….CUM WHORE ☺
I love my own cum and even if I’m jerking off there are times when I just lick it off from myself! yum!!!

2- Describe your character a bit in TRAPPED IN THE GAME? You look so hot in that suit. When does it come out?

Well my character in Trapped in the Game is…me! So, I’m all sweet and innocent but still naughty and piggy! hehe ☺
This movie is actually all about my true-to-life move to Berlin where I’m seeking something new and exciting after my success in the porn industry but something goes wrong and I’m caught in the game, being fucked with my a crazy puppet master! I’m being chased, stalked and seduced! Time is ticking!! Will I make it?? mmm the movie will be out November 19th! With scene up on Lucas Entertainment now!

3-: How do to feel about orgies? Do you like being in groups or do you prefer one on one? (Oh *do* elaborate.

I LOVE ORGIES!!! On set, off set… I just love it! I’m not into multiple orgies though…. I prefer to have fun with another 2-3 guys then loose myself with 5-6-7-20 (!?) guys. I love meeting with couples who have been together for a long time. I love seeing couples chemistry engaged with another man ☺

4- I love that you love spit, pits, ass, piss, cum, and fisting. I’m curious; do you have a foot fetish? If so what is it about feet that turns you on? I think you have perfect feet, btw!

Thank u ☺ I love feet actually, but it’s not something that blows me off my… feet. I love feet smell and I love sucking toe after toe! I love it when my feet get treated like kings!

5- Just wondering your preference on ass, do you prefer it shaved or naturally hairy??

I think that an ass should be right in the middle, a bit more hairy around the hole; a bit hairy on the cheeks… mmmm I’m getting hard here!!! Ass is the only body part that I won’t mind if it’s shaved, hairy, smooth, shaved, WHATEVER!!! Shut up and sit on my face 😉

Have a great week boys!

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by on Nov.09, 2010, under Life, Movies

Hey guys as you might have heard I have a new scene out yesterday with ADAM KILLIAN! This is explosive, epic and amazing… check out the behind the scenes video here!

It’s Tuesday so I am here waiting and willing to take your questions, so reply to this post with your dirty ?’s and I’ll pick the hottest five to answer!

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Boyfriends, piss play and taking BIG dick!

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Life

Hey boys, Jonathan Agassi here, hope your week was great!
Here are some answers to make it even better!

1- You are gorgeous! Are you filming in Berlin? I’m very excited and I hope to see your body and mouth covered in piss in next pictures!

A: I just finished my BIG Berlin shoots! Those were my most intense and interesting shoots I’ve ever had! I made four new movies, and trust me, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ME COVERED IN PISS LIKE U WILL SEE IN THIS RAUNCH ONE☺

2-Hey Jonathan,
Are you going to celebrate Halloween? If yes, then have you already chosen your costume? <3 A: Unfortunately I wont be celebrating Halloween this year ☹ but I did got to dress up for the Hustlaball, and I dressed like a samurai ☺: it was SO hot! 3- Are you looking to be in a relationship? If yes, what are you looking for in a mate? Any pornstars need apply? A: At the moment I am not really into a serious relationship, I’m way too busy for that, but when I’ll have time for it, I don't think I’ll date a porn star... they are SLUTS!!! lol 4-I’d like to know if you enjoy toy play in your private life, and if so which toy is your favorite? A: I’m not a big fan of toys… I prefer real meat in my ass ☺ 5- I’ve had a chance to learn firsthand that you are a insatiable bottom . What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever taken (and if it’s safe to answer) when and with whom? Porn actor or non-porn actor? lol, you can answer it twice if you’d like, one for girth and one for width. Nice work. Hope to be in Berlin again soon! A: I LOVE TO BOTTOM! I think the biggest one I had was Rafael Alencar! It was so hard for me to get that big fat cock (at that time) it was for “Rafael in Paris” and it took me forever to shoot that scene!!! I think today I am a bit more ummm “capable” so if I’ll get another chance to shoot with him, I’ll ride it like a mad man ☺

Thank u guys!
Have a gorgeous week!!!

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by on Oct.27, 2010, under Life

I’m wrapping up four BIG productions in Berlin! With all that hot sweaty man sex I’m gonna take a quick breather to answer your burning questions!

Reply to this post with your comments and I will answer the top 5 juiciest ?’s

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I hit you back with your answers!

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Life


1: Hey Jonathan. I want that you tell me:
One movie.
One music.
One book.
Can’t wait to see you again!
Big kiss,

Hey Carlos
Lately I’ve started to read Bill Clinton’s. book… kind of interest me. Movies: I barely watch but I love the Angelina Jolie movie with the missing child… (I forgot the name) but I loved it! Music: I will always prefer house music to make my mode better ☺

2: Hi, do you have any hobby?

Hey again Carlos ☺
Lately my hobby is facebook, but it used to be beach, swimming and just enjoying summer… (that’s a hubby for all I know) Oh and I love sex!!

3: It’s me again, Carlos. I think very sweet from you build a larger connection with your fans. We talk to you and it’s amazing. ASK ME MONDAY is your idea? What do you think about your fans?

ASK ME Monday was Lucas Entertainment’s publicity director’s idea… and I love him for that even though Im loosing sleep hours over that lol (it’s very late here in Berlin right now)… but it’s worth it ☺

4: How many tattoos do you have? What are they? Why did you decide to get them? Do you plan on getting any more?

Hey Steven!
I love tattoos!!! Most of my tattoos have no meaning unfortunately but my mom and me did a heart tattoo and I love it!!! My Chinese tattoo is not finished yet but I totally planed it for a long time! So it has a big meaning to me as well… but the rest were just a 15-19 year-old child’s mistake lol

5: Hi Jonathan, my question:
how many times you normally fuck (not in a sex movie) during a week?
Kiss sexy.

Hey Taxand.
Well it might be a shock but lately I hardly have sex☹ I’m too busy and I can’t find time to enjoy sex, BUT! If it were up to me? Every day 2-3 times a day would be great!! Really! The issue is to find the right partner… but… I’m sure I’ll manage if I have the time ☺

Thanks hot sexy fuckers ☺
I promise that soon I’ll get some free time to answer ALL of you ☺

Jonathan <3

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by on Oct.11, 2010, under Uncategorized

I am cock deep in my productions in Berlin…can’t wait for you to see theses scenes!

Send me your questions and I will answer the juiciest 5!


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Your answers!

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Life

1) Alessandro

Dear Jonathan…I’m very happy for your next films in Berlin…what are you going to do? piss? fist? feet?….My dream is a piss orgy with a lot of guys pissing, spitting on you…lick dirty feet….you are always HOT……

A: Hey Alessandro, first thank you ☺ I will be shooting 4 movies in Berlin. One of them will be a fetish film, pissing for sure, MAYBE fisting, and feet are always welcome ☺

2) Jaime

If you weren’t a porn star, what career/entertainment industry path would you have followed?

A: Good one Jaime! That’s hard for me to answer that since I don’t see myself doing anything else (at the moment).
BUT I do love graphic design and it’s something I would love to study. my mother always said that I have an eye for things and a big big vision for things and how things are supposed to look like. So maybe when I stop working with my private parts I’ll start working with my eyes and mind? Lol… who knows ☺

3) Victor

What’s the longest you’ve ever been on a set to shoot a scene? How do you stay focused?

A: Hey Victor, the longest shoots I had were 7-8 hours!!! And I think I the reason was because I was NOT focused. When I shot my scene with Rafael Alencar for “Rafael in Paris” I was so exited that I just could not take it at first. It was my second production ever and it was my first time traveling out from Israel and all together it just made me lose it. BUT my first scene EVER with my boss Michael Lucas in the Israeli Auditions movie took 35 minutes to shoot so for that one I kind of broke a record.

4) Rudy

Hi Jonathan
What’s is your favorite sex position and why? And which celebrity are you most likely to have sex with?

A: Hey Rudy ☺ my two favorite positions as a top and as a bottom are doggy and lying on the back with legs up… I think these are the only positions were you can really go as deep as possible. Besides, I love slapping!!! Ass or face doesn’t mater but I must have them both in front of me at some point ☺
hmmm Johnny Depp is the hottest I think. I would love to show him wonderland ☺

5) GayPornoholic

You are definitely a sexual person (I am assuming, as sexual as you are is there a limit you are not willing to cross…or will you try anything once, if it works for you?

A: Hey G.P.H, I think that in my personal life I have tried everything I wanted to try, and actually I think there is not much more to try lol. I am not into real pain/blood/scat that I can say for sure but I am the most open minded guy I’ve even met so I think that if I’ll ever meet someone else like me then it might be dangerous!

Thank you guys for your questions!

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by on Oct.04, 2010, under Life

Hey guys, it’s Monday so send them in!

I am insanely busy prepping for my Berlin movies… I just read the script and it is INTENSE!!!

So give me your questions and I’ll answer the best 5 🙂

Send them in by commenting to this post and tomorrow I will give you my answers!


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by on Sep.28, 2010, under Life

1. Ever thinking about going to Copenhagen? Think we are a lot of hot, young scandinaviens wanna suck you off and fuck with you.
Have you ever been in a slave/master relatiosnship?

Hey Christian, I have not been there… yet ☺ but I’m sure I will!! To your question: I have never been in a relationship of that kind but I had many sessions of that kind. I think I’m taking more of the dominating side (which I’ve been called KING by some people) but I can be quite submissive if I feel right with person.

2. Your scene with Pavlvs Guell in Spanish Seductions was one of the most passionate, real scenes I have ever seen. It was a joy to watch. He seemed to have a pretty serious crush on you. Do you keep in touch? Is it true that Mr. Pam cried after filming that scene?

I LOVE OUR SCENE!!! I think I had a crush on him just as much as he had on me. I just saw him the first time and I just melted!! How can u not!!! Our scene wasn’t supposed to happen, but it took place, and I’m happy that it did! We met after that in Berlin and had a blast. Pam did cry… TWICE!!!!

3. hi, do you use chems like joints or poppers or something else during sex?

Hey David, you are naughty naughty boy!! ☺

4. Okay, I have a 3fer….I fuckin’ love gay porn, to the point that I bug my husband for a threesome with another guy just as much he ask for one with me with another girl. question1) Have you ever seduced a straightman? (and if you have, how the fuck do you about it…LOL).
It seems like there are many pornsites out there that strictly cater to barebacking..I love Lucas Entertainment for their condom advocacy..Do you feel just as strongly as LucasEnt. about using condoms?
Lastly, I had read in one of your post that you had a crush on RioSilver. Do you believe that in the industry you can have a succesful relationship? Would you date another porn star, or do you rather someone outside the industry?
Thanks, and keep up the awesome scenes….

Hey G.P.C …well, str8 men are HOT!! But I will never take the roll of putting them out, sorry if u got disappointed ( but I think those things should come by will and not by “force”
I will never participate in bare back gay porn… I said it before, I think porn is hot enough as it is… no need to legitimize irresponsibility, and I’m happy to be a part of company that supports condom use.
RIO SILVER is my biggest crush this year, and I had a few, we dated for a short period of time. Let me tell u that HE IS HOT!!!! And one of the best sex partners I have had in my life!!!! His ass is heavenly and his cock fits like a glove!!!!
P.S: great questions chicka (:

5. Hey J,
Love your work. Do you use any kind of male enhancement like Viagra when doing a scene? You stay hard all the time. Come visit Orlando sometime.

Hey! Thank u ☺ When I started my career (not so long ago) I needed “up lifters” like someone helping me out hehe but today I feel soooo comfortable with all of the crew so I guess I just don’t need it .. 99.9% I really like the boys I’m fucking with, and as long as he can deep throat my cock, NO VIAGRA FOR ME ((:

6. First of all I have to say I love your scene with Ivan Rueda. Great Scene!!
If you had to choose the best 3 scenes you have made, which ones would you pick and why?

Hey Carlos, thank u !!
My 3 favorite scene are:
#1 Spanish Seduction: Me and Rafael Careras!! He is THE best cock I’ve ever met!!! He fucked the s***t out of me and I just wanted more!!!
#2 Piss Gods: Me and Sasha Dov! I’ve been fucked with a beer bottle and pee’d on but it all got twisted when I fucked his big ass like a donkey!!! I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!
#3 Spanish Seduction: Me and Pavlvs Guel! Well I guess having sex with real passion and lust is a whole different story ☺

7: hi
tell me about your first cock and ass
thank u

Hey Gabriel ☺ I must sound SO slutty now but …….. I DONT REMEMBER ☹ It’s been a while, many waters have floated through my river since ☺

8: How do you feel about being tied, so you have no control, then being teased and pleasured and used for other’s pleasure?

Hey Bob! I’ve been searching for your question ☺
I’ve been tied up only one time in my life and let me tell u that boy was POOR!!! My feet were tied and so were my hands but I was SO bossy!!!!! hehe He thought I would be super submissive while I was tied, but I dominated that mother fucker while being totally tied up! So since then I never tried tit again… I guess it’s for the best (:

9: Hi Jonathan, I love you piss movies. What do you think about giving or receiving a golden shower in clothes?

Hey Andy. as much as I love piss I prefer to be naked while giving or receiving it. Actually it combines with that, I love leather!!! But cannot wear it while having sex…I’m a weird guy !!!

10: What size feet do you have?

I’m size 10/44.5 ☺ I love feet!!! The bigger the better! Love being fucked while my face is being stepped on !!!

11: • Whats the best sex you have ever had, when i say the best, I mean when you get horny and one particular memory comes straight into your head every time. I know mine and it gives me such a hard on every time. Filthy sexy frenchmen;) would love to know yours…

Mmm.. my best sex? Grrr I’ll give u some small things that stayed in my mind. The first guy I fucked with in Berlin was fucking me and BITING my head! I had a shaved head at that time and it was the most painful thing I’ve done! But I came from it! Twice!
When I realized I live in a pig ranch (Berlin) I decided to open up my mind to new things, and so I did. When a guy I fucked with took a BIG BIG BIG spit STRAIGHT FROM HIS NOSE right to my throat I just loved it (u probably think: YUCK ) but that stayed in my mind… Those little things staying in my mind more then a big long full session… (my sessions are long) you just got me hard!!!!

12: everytime you meet with michael lucas, you’re boss, do you two fuck?

hehe He wish ☺ (don’t tell him I said that) or maybe I wish!!!

13: Hey Jonathan, You and Junior Stellano are my very favorites in porn. Will the two of you ever work together? Also are there any other Lucas Entertainment stars that you would like to work with? And finally, do you find yourself attracted to your co stars after the shoot is over? How do you handle relationship in the porn industry?

I LOVE Junior!! We met in London and he is a hot hot dude! He has the most gorgeous body ever!! I would love to shoot with him… Willfried Knight is one of my favorites and Alessio Romero is fucking perfect!! Zack Alexander is hot.. .I’ve got many more!! But as I said before give me some time I’ll get them all 😉
I had once or twice when I couldn’t see my scene partner after we finished… but usually I keep being nice to them hehe (: (kidding!) if I’m attracted at first I’ll be attractive at the end too.

Relationships are a complicated story for me at the moment, I think my beliefs and my work life are a bit collided with each other, so at the moment I prefer to invest in my career and when things come they will CUM ☺

14: Hey Jonathan, would you like to do a film in South America?, and if you woulk like, what country would be?

I love Brazilians so maybe Brazil? I’ve never been to South America but I’m sure when I will ill see the stars ☺

15: Hi Johnathan! You are a beautiful compromise of 2 part: a sweet and cute part like a teddy bear i’ll never stop to hug and to talk to, and a horny sex machine which i would’ve sex it until I die! so you are Perfect!
my questions:
1) when you record a scene, basically you should have to act, but on screen it looks like you are enjoing all and it don’t look like you are acting so, what are your mind and phisycal status while you record a scene?
2) Michael Lucas is a HOT Boss! how is work with him? do you both have sex in a contest different from work?
3) You said you’ll come in Italy. Can you tell me please when and where in Rome and what will you’ll do?
4) This is not a question but a request. I’d love to see you work with Francois Sagat, Damien Crosse (he fuck hard like you! ☺ and a three way with Jean Franko and Ross Hurston!
Hope to make other questions on next Monday!
hugs from Italy

GIUSSEPE, first thank u!
I’m truly not acting… I do enjoy my job, and some how I always get my scenes with guys I really like! From day one I always believed that it’s all about the chemistry and I love building my chemistry with the guys I meet on set. If it doesn’t work so I’ll guess ill have to act but till that day comes, I’m taking your words as the nicest thing I’ve been told in a professional term. so thank u ☺
Me and Michael really don’t have off set sex .. I’m not his type I guess ☺
I’ll be visiting Milano, not Rome ) next time !
and I’ll take your suggestions in mind .. (They’re in my mind for too long though)


See u next week
and don’t forget to wish me happy birthday tomorrow!!!!!

Jonathan Agassi

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