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I want to play with all 5 of your senses…

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Life

Hey sexy it’s Jonathan,

Haven’t seen you in awhile.

You look fucking great! Mmm, I’,m really turned on right now, seems like you’ve been working out huh? Can I see a bit more? huff yeah, I wanna see you naked!
mmmm babe I fucking missed your taste, I love licking your neck!

Turn around!

Yeah!!! Love your ass, rrrrr can I lick it? mmm, can I lick it deeper? fuck!! curve your back, push it out, yeah, now squeeze it! mmmm push it again, I wanna get as much PINK as you can give me!

Can I go inside? I really want to! Can I? mmmmm that feels fucking good! Oh yeah! push it against me! yeah!! bang me babe! thats the way I love it! Turn around! I wanna look in your eyes when I get my huge cock deep inside you! Fuck yeah mmmm love your manhole! Can I fuck it harder, like only I can? oh yeah! yeah baby! That’s the way!! Fuck yeahhhhhh

Ok so now that I got your attention I can write a bit about my latest week πŸ™‚

Bad news: I didn’t get my dream apartment! I was depressed for 2 days! But life goes on… and on… so.. fuck it!

Although you won’t get to see me dancing like ( I don’t remember the name of this guy lol , mr.Pam told me that this clip has a name… totally forgot lol)
and of course my never ending tattoo got a bit more… mm… bigger? darker? BEAUTIFUL!?
For all the Greek gods out there, I’m coming to perform in your country πŸ™‚ Yeah! It’s gonna be fucking hot!
Hope to catch you there!
Till next time


oh oh check out this vid
MΓ€nner magazine starring: me lol

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My new tattoo and FIRST threesome!!!

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Life, Movies

Hey boys (and apparently girls too), Jonathan Agassi here!

What’s up?? So I had an amazing week!!!
It all started when one morning, I opened my eyes, logged in to and found my FIRST 3some ever caught on cam!!

It’s for the new movie PASSION and I love that scene! Watch it here!

It’s all about me, Rio Silver (Greek god) and Harry Louis (extra hung Brazilian stud)
This scene was so fun to shoot! Now you have the full scene to watch on πŸ™‚

Don’t tell him I told you, but me and Rio were totally in love for a month after we filmed that scene (he was my April crush) haha. Other than that I finally started to complete my tattoo! It’s NOT done yet ): but already it totally looks great, don’t u think??

And my ass looks better than ever with it πŸ™‚ hehe

Soon I’m shooting my first movie in my new home: BERLIN! I’m so happy that Michael is coming here to shoot me! I’m planing for it to be my best movie yet! I definitely feel at home in Berlin and I love what the city has given me in sexual terms! It has totally expended my experience/view/mind about sex!


Next month is my birthday and that’s the best present ever! Thanks Michael Lucas and all of the Lucas family, my family πŸ™‚
Love ya
C u soon!!

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Thanks for having my back

by on Jul.02, 2010, under Life

Sup guys?

It’s Jonathan Agassi so this week was…………… Dunno!
Filled with emotion I guess!!

I never expected to cause such a reaction when I made my decision not to perform at Madrid’s Pride! I didn’t think for a minute that so many people, the media, and the press would be interested in this! It was really an act that happened as it was written on my blog! If you don’t want Israel then I don’t want you. (Read the press release here.)

So for every day of the past week I have been caught up in all of the coverage. Checking up comments and responding to the nicest people that have e-mailed me on Facebook, etc.
So yeah… it’s nice to know you have my back (ass?)

I’m working hard hard hard to get it. And for you guys who are not among my Facebook friends, I have made a promise today that if I get that apartment I will make a video of me dancing like in this clip!!!

I guess if I published it here then I’m DEAD serious!!! That’s how much I want that flat! Might be funny haa? Let’s see how that goes πŸ™‚

And about my tattoo.. OMG!
I thought I had a good idea when I started my dragon but today I realized that I should stay in porn and not deal with tattoo stuff haha!
I went to this guy, a real tattoo artist and he designed the most beautiful tattoo EVER! I’m starting or actually continuing it on the 26th of July.
(btw its gonna be a full sleeve , meaning all over my arm/hand!)

That’s it!
Wish us all a weekend full of sex !

See this picture…Now I want you to look me in the eyes when u CUM!



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