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On the beautiful Tour of Israel!

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys, it’s Jonathan Agassi here… First I have to say, Wow! Tour of Israel was amazing!!! Although I couldn’t participate in all of it because I had to go home (I’ll tell you why in a bit) but still it was so FUN! (pics to come soon!)

We started with a dinner, kind of a first date dinner. The entire group shared with each other who they are, what they do and what actually made them join our tour.

All of them said the same: “We heard it’s a beautiful place”. They all were so happy to witness for themselves the beautiful weather! Beautiful beach! Beautiful people! BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! (Just like I said in my first interview ever, with Michael Lucas… before he nailed me ☺)

I’m so happy that we are showing this place to the world ☺

I’ve been with the tour all over Tel Aviv-Jaffa and we had so much fun! And woo hoo the tan that I got ☺ yummy! I wish I could join them to see the rest!

BUT 2 days ago I went to a restaurant with my mom and I got STRONG food poisoning ☹ I had to delay my flight back Berlin and I’m laying in bed sick right now ☹ So I hope your hearts are with me and that you wish me health and strength as soon as possible!

Now to cheer me up I have pictures to share! Two months ago in Berlin I had a photo shoot for the gay German magazine “Männer”. It was all about the 5 senses… My partner for those shoots was Mr. International Ricco Müller! There was a lot of nudity and hot sexual energy! Finally the magazine was released this month and I’m happy to share it with u guys ☺

Should I stay here in Israel until our big gay pride in two weeks????? Let me know ☺

Congrats to the entire cast and crew of Men of Israel for winning best foreign film at the Grabby’s!

Your horny boy,
Jonathan Agassi

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I return to Israel and get tattooed!

by on May.27, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys, I just got back to Israel yesterday! Woooof! The weather is to die for! As you all know I’m here for the fabulous Tour of Israel hosted by Michael Lucas and myself ☺

I can’t wait to meet everyone! I just got the schedule of the tour and I’m gonna WALK my ass off haha (love it!) So next week I’ll tell you all about it!

Other than that my gorgeous mom celebrated her 50th birthday! And we were partying like only a porn star and his mom knows how!!! Lol We went the flea market (first time for me, swear to god) that was fun. Then we traveled around Tel Aviv to catch up on each other’s lives since we don’t see each other often now (me living in Berlin and fucking all of London kind of broke us apart) So it was so great reunite and we had so much fun!!!

And most important!!!!

This was my dream!!! A very painful dream! 10 hours and I’m still not finished but it is worth it!!! Hope u like it (;

Till next time boys ☺

Oh and don’t forget about my new movie MISSING!

Jonathan Agassi

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Preparing for my live sex show!

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies

Finally, the HustlaBall is 4 days away and I’m so exited!!!

On the third of May I’ll be performing a live sex show on the stages of London. I can’t believe it. I must say that this week was filled with things and events that just got me thinking, WOW! Less then a year ago I was a regular guy from Israel, a simple man (kind of more sexual then others) that pick up an ad by Lucas Entertainment and look at me now, THAT IS FUCKING WEIRD! I mean, I’m writing a blog that thousands of people read, people that might be my fans! I’m playing in movies that one year ago I used to jerk off to, I’m meeting porn stars that I WANTED to be like, I’m getting calls from gay magazines who want me in their next issue and I’m seeing the world from the best angle I can get! Wow and again, wow!

This week as you know I got my own website! I sat in front of it for three days like an idiot, not knowing what to do with it, because actually what is a regular guy from Israel supposed to do with a sex website that is all about him?

And then it hit me:


With my website I’m going to show you my life, week after week…Next week prepare yourself for some HustlaBall trash… I’m gonna video tape it and photograph it so you will feel like your deep, DEEP inside of it! I’m planing a show that includes BIG BLACK mmm… I’m not gonna tell! It’s gonna be hot!

And on another topic, my scene with the sexiest man/cock ever Rafael Carreras has been released and I remembered all the fun we had in Barcelona! He is SO hot! Amazing cock, and one of my best top’s 🙂 so yeah… You should watch it! Grrrr

Buy Spanish Seductions Now    Watch Spanish Seductions Now

Beside that, I remind you: TOUR OF ISRAEL is coming up…
I’m coming to Israel to meet up with you guys so log on to get your ticket NOW!
I cant wait!

Till next time
Jonathan Agassi 🙂

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I’m waiting for you in Israel!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey porn lovers!

These are my last 3 days in Berlin, before I’m heading back to a short visit to my home country ISRAEL ☺ I’m so exited to see my friends and family again!

Since I left Israel my life looks completely different… I FEEL EUROPEAN lol though it’s not always for the good. I miss the weather; I miss the beach and the warmness that Israel owns.

So I’m going to be in Israel for two weeks and guess what?


For those of you that didn’t get the tickets for the TOUR OF ISRAEL with Michael Lucas and myself, please do so!!! (Click HERE for tour’s webpage and booking)

As you know this genius trip, which only my boss could think of, is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I’m sure I’m going to see places that even I didn’t get to see. Michael is going to show you the sites from Men of Israel and Inside Israel that are STUNNING! And I’m going to be there bare-naked and show you how we made those beautiful scenes!…ha ha no no I’m joking! But really, I’ll be so happy to meet you and to host you in my country!

Well…the one below is not an Israel view but indeed made in Israel 🙂

Beside that, after my trip to Israel I’ll be packing my shit and traveling to London for my first time ever performing at HUSTLABALL! That was one of my goals when I moved to Europe… I cannot wait!!! I will put up all the details about that in 2 weeks 😉

So back to Berlin:

How was Berlin for me?
Basics: Great! Met a lot of new friends and seen beautiful locations!
Sexually: WOOF

So that’s what I’ve been doing in Berlin:
Clubbing: Check ☺
MM fucking non stop: Check 🙂
Fisting someone: Check ☺
Double fisting someone: Check 🙂
Leather: Check 🙂
Rubber: Check 🙂

(your boy Jonathan is growing up .. awwwww )

Well did it all 🙂

Bye Bye Berlin hope to see you soon 🙂 Till then LONDON HERE I COME !!!!!!!

Did u see this????? grrrrrr ☺

your boy Jonathan Agassi 😉


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