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My Year In Sex!

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Life

Hey boys!

I decided, with a little help from a good friend, to share with you the things that made my 2010 so amazing!

Every New Year’s Eve actually marks the date of my move to Berlin from my home country Israel!
SO these are the HIGHLIGHTS of my 2010:
Moving to Berlin: done
Becoming the PIG that I am: done
Starting my huge sleeve tattoo: done!

*Now it’s time to travel to Barcelona and shoot some PORN! right? right!
So! landing in Barcelona in the beginning of March, and seeing Rafael Carreras was the point in my career when I really felt like, I’M A PORN STAR! Meeting him and shooting with him was an experience from heaven! After humping my ass hole like it was an AMUSEMENT PARK, the chase began to track my “MISSING” friend, which I tracked after jumping into the freezing water of the Barcelona port!!

*A day before I left Barcelona I met Pavlvs Guell on the set and my mind was blown away! After seeing the sexual chemistry between us, the production team decided to shoot our chemistry and that was the day I let you all get an inside look into my intimate and a bit more emotional side! Shooting that scene was just a once in a life time kind of thing!


My first time in London and my first performance at the HUSTLABALL!!! Michael Lucas and I were rocking it! I love performing on stage!!! While recovering from that night, Michael decided to use the moment to shoot in London and that gave birth to “PASSION” where Harry Louis, Rio Silver and my self made history with our 3some scene, which was a first for me (on camera of course! I’m not as innocent as I look lol)
When I finished the shoots I stayed in London for a month, which totally bankrupted me!!! BACK TO BERLIN!

*Continuing my tattoo and getting myself a brand new Mac!!! yayyyyy 🙂

*This past year was all about porn and sex shows for me! You could find my bare ass and cock doing their thing in: Israel (was the first Israeli sex performer to do a show of that kind), London, Athens, Zurich, Israel again!!! HOT HOT HOT !

*After traveling all over Europe it was time to go overseas and go to China!!!!! That was hot! Literally!!! Too hot! Back to Berlin!

*Celebrating my 26th birthday… it’s a good age to get a movie based on my life story but with a twist!!! “TRAPPED IN THE GAME” is my hardest and most worthy project I’ve ever done!!! So before I’m thanking god for hooking me up with the god Adam Killian, I want to thank Nate (Marc) MacNamara for writing and directing that script and dedicating it to me! THANK YOU! And BIG thanks to Michael Lucas for producing and directing it and mr.Pam for co-directing.

So that was my year! (not including my seven Facebook profiles, and the launch of, and some hot fucks I can not mention because I’m a gentleman) 🙂

Thank you all my fans for being there! I LOVE YOU!

BIG THANKS to Michael Lucas for believing in me and making my career and everyone at Lucas Entertainment for their continued support and hard work!

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by on Sep.24, 2010, under Life

Hey fuckers!
I’m Jonathan Agassi, so after two long weeks (without having almost ANY sex at all) I’M BACK HOME IN BERLIN!!!
I’m still with my mom so I can’t do too much with my horny sex machine!!! But I think tonight I’m going to sneak out and get myself a BIG LONG THICK UNCUT GERMAN COCK TO RAPE MY ASS OFF!!!
wooof! (HORNY)

Finally I’ve signed up for German school today, so soon you will hear me fucking in the filthiest language there is (ficken ficken SCHNELL!! (HORNY).

(Ok Jon Jon, relax and start writing about the interesting shit)

NEXT week I’m flying with my hot boss Michael Lucas to Italy to take some pictures with a huge photographer Maurizio Montani! I’m so thrilled to do it! Wish us luck! (Imagine Michael will fuck me so hard while we’re there… mmm… (HORNY).

And the week after that I finally start my Berlin films!! That is what excites me the most. I can’t wait to have some hardcore sex with hot porn stars! Being sucked off and fucking!! Mmmm and I can’t wait to fuck some muscular ass and cum all over those porn stars’ faces in front of the mr.Pam cam!!!


Ok ok I’m gonna get me some but before I do I want to thank you all for your hot questions on Monday! Can’t wait for next week so prepare your questions!


Love you all
Bottoms up, I’m off!

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Porn Awards and Photoshoots!

by on Aug.20, 2010, under Life

Hey everybody!!!

What a fabulous week!
I got nominated for Best Newcomer in the biggest awards show there is! Wow! I’m in heaven! 
To all my fans in the U.S., I wish I could come and celebrate my nomination over there in the states! I’m so exited, and I want to say a BIG “thank you” for all the amazing emails I’m getting!  

I love my job! 
I’m so blessed to be part of Lucas Entertainment! And I’m so happy to share my nomination with my whole family! mr.Pam, the sexiest man alive Wilfried Knight, my best friend in this industry Nate MacNamara and of course Michael Lucas!!!

By the way:
My Facebook profile has been deleted!!
Again I published an “inappropriate” picture lol 
But your boy doesn’t waist time so you’re all invited to visit my new profile and add me as your friend here!
(The reason that I got deleted!, and NO ! it’s not a real animal lol) 

Other than that, I’ve been working out SO hard lately! Preparing myself for my next production in BERLIN!! As u can see, my bottom is working overtime lol! 


Did u see this vid? 

Well I did! and I loved it! So I called a photographer I worked with in the past and he shot me in that style, wearing colorful underwear or less 🙂
Here they are, you are the first to see them!
PROMISE<3<3 love love love, Jonathan Agassi

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On the beautiful Tour of Israel!

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys, it’s Jonathan Agassi here… First I have to say, Wow! Tour of Israel was amazing!!! Although I couldn’t participate in all of it because I had to go home (I’ll tell you why in a bit) but still it was so FUN! (pics to come soon!)

We started with a dinner, kind of a first date dinner. The entire group shared with each other who they are, what they do and what actually made them join our tour.

All of them said the same: “We heard it’s a beautiful place”. They all were so happy to witness for themselves the beautiful weather! Beautiful beach! Beautiful people! BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! (Just like I said in my first interview ever, with Michael Lucas… before he nailed me ☺)

I’m so happy that we are showing this place to the world ☺

I’ve been with the tour all over Tel Aviv-Jaffa and we had so much fun! And woo hoo the tan that I got ☺ yummy! I wish I could join them to see the rest!

BUT 2 days ago I went to a restaurant with my mom and I got STRONG food poisoning ☹ I had to delay my flight back Berlin and I’m laying in bed sick right now ☹ So I hope your hearts are with me and that you wish me health and strength as soon as possible!

Now to cheer me up I have pictures to share! Two months ago in Berlin I had a photo shoot for the gay German magazine “Männer”. It was all about the 5 senses… My partner for those shoots was Mr. International Ricco Müller! There was a lot of nudity and hot sexual energy! Finally the magazine was released this month and I’m happy to share it with u guys ☺

Should I stay here in Israel until our big gay pride in two weeks????? Let me know ☺

Congrats to the entire cast and crew of Men of Israel for winning best foreign film at the Grabby’s!

Your horny boy,
Jonathan Agassi

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Sneak Peek at Missing’s Trailer & Chase Scene!

by on May.17, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Video Clips

More Missing teasers!!!

“Firing two models on the set wasn’t the only drama with our new movie Missing! In the film young sex-pup Diego Cruz was kidnapped while visiting Barcelona and now Michael Lucas and Jonathan Agassi will do anyone to get him back!

Hot on the trail for answers, Jonathan finds the address where Diego was taken from, but the only way in is to seduce it’s resident bad guy Ivan Rueda. The plan is soon foiled once Carlos Caballero, Pavlvs Guell and Jean Franko bust in and the chase begins…

Watch below as Jonathan Agassi tries to escape by jumping into the freezing winter water of the Barcelona harbor! Also, get a sneak peek at the trailer for Missing!”

Pre-Order Missing Now    Watch Missing Now

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My new movie MISSING!!!

by on May.07, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Photos, Video Clips

Hey guys my new movie Missing is coming out soon!

Check out the production blog for a hot look at what we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes!

From Lucas Entertainment:

We had an idea to film a big storyline movie abroad, with amazing locations, intense scenarios and all the hot sex that ensues. Well thank the porn gods that we have a strong sense of ambition and masochism because it took a great deal of both to get through the grueling but worthwhile production of Missing!

The story:

While vacationing in Barcelona, young Diego Cruz is seduced by a hot local man (Pavlvs Guell). All is going well until Diego realizes it’s a set-up and is then gagged, bagged and kidnapped. His friend Michael Lucas is in New York and on the phone with Cruz when the attack happens and rushes to Spain to find his friend.

The story follows as Michael Lucas and Jonathan Agassi get tangled in the dangerous and action-packed search for Diego…all culminating in a showdown at an abandoned factory on the Mediterranean shore.

Cast includes Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside newcomer Diego Cruz, Pavlvs Guell, Bruno Jones, Ivan Rueda, Carlos Caballero, Sergio Serrano, Jean Franko and Michael Lucas. In the following weeks we will take you behind-the-scenes and give you an in depth look at the sexually charged production of Missing. Complete with the firing of two models on the set, a chase scene through the heart of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya, an escape jump into the icing harbor waters and 5 aggressive and impassioned sex scenes that will keep your heart and dick throbbing!

Watch below as Jonathan Agassi schools Diego Cruz on how to fuck on camera, before newcomer Pavlvs Guell takes a piece of Diego’s hot ass!

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Hustlaball pics!

by on May.05, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys,
As I promised to show u my performance at the Hustlaball
Here they are!!!

Enjoy 🙂

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My performance at Hustlaball!!!

by on May.04, 2010, under Life, Photos, Video Clips

Hey guys it’s one day after the Hustlaball weekend and I still need to catch my breath!!!
That was an amazing experience!

I landed in London on Saturday and went straight to a signing event with Rafael Alencar and Mike Dreyden. I couldn’t believe what was going on there! People came with a TON of magazines and interviews of me to sign and we took pictures and had lots of fun. After that we went to a big dinner (great food) and I got to meet Chi Chi LaRue!!! She is amazing!!! Funny as hell!! She was the DJ in the VIP room at HustlaBall and of course one of the lead performers together with my sexy boss, Michael Lucas.

Ok ok cut the bullshit!! Lets talk sex!

So I got to the club about one hour before the show started…I had 2 different shows and each one included different clothes and a different partner. My first show was with Michael Lucas!!!! Boys let me tell u that: THIS BOY KNOWS HOW TO MOVE ☺ At the main part of our show I used my “lack of gag reflex” and that was SUPER HOT!!! They had us dress with ties, white button shirts and socks. Extra sexy look ☺

My second show was with Rafael Alencar and as you know he is a crazy bomb!!! In the middle of the show suddenly he tells me “I’ve got to pee, let’s do water sports” hahaha

So guess what:

And that made our show, the hottest show there! That was fucking worth it!! (and you know I love water sports, so no complaints from my side) ☺

When the show was over I went outside to celebrate but hear me out, I COULDN’T!!!
People came to take pictures with me and to talk to me and I got so much feedback! That felt amazing!!! I’m so happy that I got to take a part of this and I would love to do it again next year!

That’s all guys… I want to thank the organizers of this event and thank you Michael Lucas for giving me this opportunity!

Love u boys
Jonathan Agassi

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