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by on Oct.04, 2010, under Life

Hey guys, it’s Monday so send them in!

I am insanely busy prepping for my Berlin movies… I just read the script and it is INTENSE!!!

So give me your questions and I’ll answer the best 5 🙂

Send them in by commenting to this post and tomorrow I will give you my answers!



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  • Fábio Sousa

    Hi Jonathan. Ever since the first time I saw you I’ve been kind of obsessed on following your work. I’m a huge fan of ANYTHING you do. I would like to ask what is your most extreme sexual fantasy, if you could have anything or anybody. Thank you so much and keep up the sexyness. XOXO

  • Denton Hudman

    Can you mail me an autograph picture?

    When are you coming to California?

    want do a three way?


  • Bob

    What is YOUR wildest fantasy?

  • GayPornaholicChick

    Hey Jonathan…hmm, answer only the best five huh? I better make mine a good one…
    I am a very sexual person (both with men and women), I can trace back my sexual “awakening” to a particular moment while growing up, it was an experience while i was 12 years old with my 2nd cousin during a family trip, I am not ashamed of it although I am sure many people find it distasteful…

    You are definetely a sexual person (I am assuming :), as sexual as you are is there any limit you are not willing to cross…or will you try anything once, if it works for you?
    Hope you had an AWESOME Birthday…

    Xoxo, Gigi

  • Carlos Costa

    Hello Jonathan. How do you separate your personal sexual life from your work?
    Is there a difference for you when camera is rolling?
    I love your work, you are the hottest star in porn in years.
    Send me a kiss, please!
    Lots of love,

  • Caleb

    Hey Jonathan

    First of all, I would like to say that you are beautiful and sexy as hell. I admire the fact that you are a very raunchy, dirty-minded sexual person but a nice and passionate person. I have seen some of your videos; let me tell you that they are extremely hot. I especially like part of your scenes involving lots of spit. I have a huge spit fetish and seeing you getting spit on by a hot guy or guys or you spitting on a hot guy or guys is a huge turn-on. I love the smell of spit especially when it is foul from a hot guy and also I like the texture and form of it; that gets me very horny. I read your response about how you swallowed a huge wad of spit from a guy you fucked and how you enjoyed it. I do not think that it was yucky at all. As matter of fact, I was so arroused by it. ou did mention that one of your fetishes is spit. 1)Do you like spit or spitting for the same reasons I do or not? 2)When guys spit on your face(in your videos or in your private life) does it smell and are your turned on by it if it does? Because I have wondered that for a long time.
    3)Would you swallow phlegm again? 4)Are there guys in the gay porn industry who have a spit fetish? 5)Would you make a video or will there be a video revolving around spitting like how Piss Gods revolves around pissing? I am hoping this comes true.

    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Giuseppe

    Hi Jonathan! I’d like to know how do you keep yor body in wealth and expecially your ass and legs! I love the power of sensuality of rock legs and ass!
    Wich kind of workout do you practice?
    I’m a little bit skinny (expept for my shoulder) but i’m practicing gym to gain weight. I’d like to buy some mass gainer proteins. Have you ever used proteins to shape your beautiful body?
    A huge hug baby!

  • parisot jean

    i am leaving in paris (france……) and when a new dvc arrive with you………i buy…but with long time.

    You work good and please continue………
    personnel comment……i prefer your face or visage
    clean….. not hairy……… sorry.

  • Bob

    What is your favorite color? 🙂

  • giovanni

    i’ve seen (and heard) that you are a insatiable bottom. what’s the biggest cock you’ve ever taken (and if it’s safe to answer) when and with who? porn actor or non porn actor? lol, you can answer it twice if you’d like, one for girth and one for width. 😉

  • Alessandro

    Hi Jonathan,
    I’m very happy for your next films in Berlin….what are you going to do?piss?,fist?feet….my dream is a piss orgy with a lot of guys pissing,spitting on you…..mmmmmmmmmmmm……….you are always HOT!

  • Johnny

    Hi Jonathan, like Michael Lucas did it, would you like to visit Machu Pichu(Cusco-Peru)?, if you will do it, when is gonna be?, thanks, greetings from Iquitos Peru.

  • Alessandro

    Hi Jonathan,
    I’m very happy for your next films in Berlin.what are you going to do?piss?fist?feet?……..My dream is a piss orgy with a lot of guys pissing and spitting on you..mmmmmmmm……………very HOT!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m a big fan of you! May I ask you why you left sunny Tel Aviv for Berlin and if you like it?

  • Georg Sorensen-Spoljarich II

    Hey there Johnathan! WoW! WANZEN! You have really made it big, and I am sure your success will bring you to new and even more higher levels. You went to Sweden/Sverige/Schweden lately. What do you think of us Scandinavians? I am Danish but live in Canada part of the year, winter in Arizona, and the rest in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where do you call home right now? I think you are a versatile, educated and one hell of a good looking man. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I am 45 and have been retired for 5 years now from the diplomatic service, and a restaurant as a hobby; but sold it now at a good price. At what point do you think you may retire? Don’t get me wrong, you are FAR from that date. But maybe directing or some other field may be in score for you. Things change in life, if you would have asked me 5 years ago that I would be retired I would said you were nuts. But I learned and accept the fact that “enough is enough”! How much money do I need, at what cost to my relationships, to my family and to myself. I think I was lucky at 40 to say, “this is the time to take it easy”. Now I am so happy with my life, but all my extra spare time I volunteer for variuous organizations and I live in a part of the world free from the cosmopolitan life. Mind you it is only less than a 2 hour drive to Canada’s largest city, Toronto and a vibrant gay community. While there I can jump on a next plane to my villa in Copenhagen, Denmark and spend time with friends and family. Finally, Johnathan, I think you are stupendous in the ideal that you love and treat your Mother so well, and that you try and protect her from the “stupidos” that ask questions on Facebook. I can not think of another person, deserving an award for being #one, no other votes needed. You are a “gut mensch”. Hope to hear back from you, and have a great weekend coming up. Tchuss, Farvel, Georg the Dane.

  • axel

    How much does it cost a night with you?

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