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My LIVE SEX SHOW with Lucio Saints!

by on Feb.02, 2011, under Life, Movies, Video Clips

Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi met up with Lucas resident stud Lucio Saints in Rome last weekend for an explosive live SEX SHOW! Watch a fan video below of the two leather-clad pigs as they kiss, suck, rim and fuck in front of the entire club!

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*Check out movies and scenes with Jonathan Agassi and Lucio Saints here!

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I love getting hardcore!

by on Jan.27, 2011, under Life, Movies

Hey everybody Jonathan Agassi here!!!
How is the winter treating you?? Here in Berlin it’s being NASTY to me!
I have been so sick the last few weeks that I hardly gave any attention to my one and only website! bad bad bad Jonathan!

This month was packed with medicine and tons of new shit!!
First, I started German lessons!! yes yes or.. ja ja ! Ich bin studying Deutsch! und ich bin loving it!!! lol

My fisting scene came out and I got to see it two weeks after its release and I must say, that this is my best scene yet!
Say what you want but I think when it gets that hardcore then the true Agassi is comes alive 🙂 Christian Herzog gave a gorgeous performance and I don’t need to say how much I enjoyed shooting with him!
You can see it clearly in the scene! Login to and watch it NOW! You will LOVE IT liebe liebe liebe !!!

This month I got one (ein)? two (zwei)? nein!!! three (DREI) magazine covers!!!! I also had a few big interviews in some big shots magazines as well ☺

I’m happy that some of them took place in some German gay magazines because as you know I live in Berlin BLAH BLAH BLAH but it’s important to me ☺

Seeing my name (first on that list) was so much fun!!! I really really want to win that one!!

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Tomorrow night 28th of January I am having a sex show in ROME!!! MUCCASSASSINA club here I come! LUCIO SAINTS is gonna nail my porn star ass and I am going to have the time of my life!!!
Am I going to see you there???? HOPE SO!!!

Jonathan Agassi

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My Year In Sex!

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Life

Hey boys!

I decided, with a little help from a good friend, to share with you the things that made my 2010 so amazing!

Every New Year’s Eve actually marks the date of my move to Berlin from my home country Israel!
SO these are the HIGHLIGHTS of my 2010:
Moving to Berlin: done
Becoming the PIG that I am: done
Starting my huge sleeve tattoo: done!

*Now it’s time to travel to Barcelona and shoot some PORN! right? right!
So! landing in Barcelona in the beginning of March, and seeing Rafael Carreras was the point in my career when I really felt like, I’M A PORN STAR! Meeting him and shooting with him was an experience from heaven! After humping my ass hole like it was an AMUSEMENT PARK, the chase began to track my “MISSING” friend, which I tracked after jumping into the freezing water of the Barcelona port!!

*A day before I left Barcelona I met Pavlvs Guell on the set and my mind was blown away! After seeing the sexual chemistry between us, the production team decided to shoot our chemistry and that was the day I let you all get an inside look into my intimate and a bit more emotional side! Shooting that scene was just a once in a life time kind of thing!


My first time in London and my first performance at the HUSTLABALL!!! Michael Lucas and I were rocking it! I love performing on stage!!! While recovering from that night, Michael decided to use the moment to shoot in London and that gave birth to “PASSION” where Harry Louis, Rio Silver and my self made history with our 3some scene, which was a first for me (on camera of course! I’m not as innocent as I look lol)
When I finished the shoots I stayed in London for a month, which totally bankrupted me!!! BACK TO BERLIN!

*Continuing my tattoo and getting myself a brand new Mac!!! yayyyyy 🙂

*This past year was all about porn and sex shows for me! You could find my bare ass and cock doing their thing in: Israel (was the first Israeli sex performer to do a show of that kind), London, Athens, Zurich, Israel again!!! HOT HOT HOT !

*After traveling all over Europe it was time to go overseas and go to China!!!!! That was hot! Literally!!! Too hot! Back to Berlin!

*Celebrating my 26th birthday… it’s a good age to get a movie based on my life story but with a twist!!! “TRAPPED IN THE GAME” is my hardest and most worthy project I’ve ever done!!! So before I’m thanking god for hooking me up with the god Adam Killian, I want to thank Nate (Marc) MacNamara for writing and directing that script and dedicating it to me! THANK YOU! And BIG thanks to Michael Lucas for producing and directing it and mr.Pam for co-directing.

So that was my year! (not including my seven Facebook profiles, and the launch of, and some hot fucks I can not mention because I’m a gentleman) 🙂

Thank you all my fans for being there! I LOVE YOU!

BIG THANKS to Michael Lucas for believing in me and making my career and everyone at Lucas Entertainment for their continued support and hard work!

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Video Clip: Answering your fan mail!

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Life

You sent in your dirty questions and I’m here to answer them ALL! Check out the video below to find out how I film my scenes, if I prefer topping or bottoming and who would I fuck again Adam Killian or Rafael Carreras!!

Watch me in action at

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by on Dec.14, 2010, under Life

Hey guys, Jonathan Agassi here. It has been so long since we last talked and I’m dieing to get back in touch with you all! These last couple of weeks I have been back Israel on holiday. I just now arrived back in Berlin and I am here waiting to take your questions! Reply to this post and I’ll hit you back with answers tomorrow!

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Video Vote: Help me pick out a jock strap!

by on Nov.19, 2010, under Life

Hey guys Jonathan Agassi here!

WOW! What a week! Actually, what a MONTH!!!
Have you seen the trailers of my new movie Trapped in the Game?? HOLLY SHIT!!! I’m so exited about it !!! and I’m loving it!! Seeing myself acting was actually a big surprise for me (and I didn’t even see it all yet)!
I’m getting so much great feedback from all of you guys and that is so much fun! So thank you again! The movie is out tomorrow for sale and I’m reminding all of u to log into and get your self a copy. U WILL LOVE IT!

The next two weeks are going to be so intensive and I’m here to tell you all about it!
This weekend on the 20th of November I’m performing in Madrid together with Alexander Freitas!! Finally I’m gonna feel this big muscled guy deep in my man hole! mmmm cant wait!!!

Then 4 days after I’m off to Zurich for two shows, and I’m gonna make u boys SCREAM !!!!!!!!! You guys in Zurich get a double chance of seeing my big fat cock rocking it on stage! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Other than that, have you seen Wilfried Knight lately?? oh my god! I just came without touching!!! This gorgeous man asked in his blog who should be his next scene partner and I’m here to shout !!!


Watch the video below and pick with jock-strap you think is the hottest and I’ll wear it at my performance! Reply below on which one you like!

That’s all boys! Love ya

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I am a… CUM WHORE!

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Life

Hey guys it’s Jonathan Agassi here and I’m sending you back your ASK ME questions!

1-Which one of these words describes u best?? 1) Piss slut 2) Cum slut…
Do u always enjoy eat your own cum???

I’m definitely a……….CUM WHORE ☺
I love my own cum and even if I’m jerking off there are times when I just lick it off from myself! yum!!!

2- Describe your character a bit in TRAPPED IN THE GAME? You look so hot in that suit. When does it come out?

Well my character in Trapped in the Game is…me! So, I’m all sweet and innocent but still naughty and piggy! hehe ☺
This movie is actually all about my true-to-life move to Berlin where I’m seeking something new and exciting after my success in the porn industry but something goes wrong and I’m caught in the game, being fucked with my a crazy puppet master! I’m being chased, stalked and seduced! Time is ticking!! Will I make it?? mmm the movie will be out November 19th! With scene up on Lucas Entertainment now!

3-: How do to feel about orgies? Do you like being in groups or do you prefer one on one? (Oh *do* elaborate.

I LOVE ORGIES!!! On set, off set… I just love it! I’m not into multiple orgies though…. I prefer to have fun with another 2-3 guys then loose myself with 5-6-7-20 (!?) guys. I love meeting with couples who have been together for a long time. I love seeing couples chemistry engaged with another man ☺

4- I love that you love spit, pits, ass, piss, cum, and fisting. I’m curious; do you have a foot fetish? If so what is it about feet that turns you on? I think you have perfect feet, btw!

Thank u ☺ I love feet actually, but it’s not something that blows me off my… feet. I love feet smell and I love sucking toe after toe! I love it when my feet get treated like kings!

5- Just wondering your preference on ass, do you prefer it shaved or naturally hairy??

I think that an ass should be right in the middle, a bit more hairy around the hole; a bit hairy on the cheeks… mmmm I’m getting hard here!!! Ass is the only body part that I won’t mind if it’s shaved, hairy, smooth, shaved, WHATEVER!!! Shut up and sit on my face 😉

Have a great week boys!

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VOTE for me as BEST PORN STAR at the Cybersocket Awards!

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Life

Hey guys I am lucky to be a part of all the hot and hard men nominated for the 11th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards! Lucas Entertainment leads as the top nominated studio and yours truly is nominated for BEST PORN STAR! Click the link below and vote for me!


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by on Nov.09, 2010, under Life, Movies

Hey guys as you might have heard I have a new scene out yesterday with ADAM KILLIAN! This is explosive, epic and amazing… check out the behind the scenes video here!

It’s Tuesday so I am here waiting and willing to take your questions, so reply to this post with your dirty ?’s and I’ll pick the hottest five to answer!

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Boyfriends, piss play and taking BIG dick!

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Life

Hey boys, Jonathan Agassi here, hope your week was great!
Here are some answers to make it even better!

1- You are gorgeous! Are you filming in Berlin? I’m very excited and I hope to see your body and mouth covered in piss in next pictures!

A: I just finished my BIG Berlin shoots! Those were my most intense and interesting shoots I’ve ever had! I made four new movies, and trust me, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ME COVERED IN PISS LIKE U WILL SEE IN THIS RAUNCH ONE☺

2-Hey Jonathan,
Are you going to celebrate Halloween? If yes, then have you already chosen your costume? <3 A: Unfortunately I wont be celebrating Halloween this year ☹ but I did got to dress up for the Hustlaball, and I dressed like a samurai ☺: it was SO hot! 3- Are you looking to be in a relationship? If yes, what are you looking for in a mate? Any pornstars need apply? A: At the moment I am not really into a serious relationship, I’m way too busy for that, but when I’ll have time for it, I don't think I’ll date a porn star... they are SLUTS!!! lol 4-I’d like to know if you enjoy toy play in your private life, and if so which toy is your favorite? A: I’m not a big fan of toys… I prefer real meat in my ass ☺ 5- I’ve had a chance to learn firsthand that you are a insatiable bottom . What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever taken (and if it’s safe to answer) when and with whom? Porn actor or non-porn actor? lol, you can answer it twice if you’d like, one for girth and one for width. Nice work. Hope to be in Berlin again soon! A: I LOVE TO BOTTOM! I think the biggest one I had was Rafael Alencar! It was so hard for me to get that big fat cock (at that time) it was for “Rafael in Paris” and it took me forever to shoot that scene!!! I think today I am a bit more ummm “capable” so if I’ll get another chance to shoot with him, I’ll ride it like a mad man ☺

Thank u guys!
Have a gorgeous week!!!

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