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by on Dec.14, 2010, under Life

Hey guys, Jonathan Agassi here. It has been so long since we last talked and I’m dieing to get back in touch with you all! These last couple of weeks I have been back Israel on holiday. I just now arrived back in Berlin and I am here waiting to take your questions! Reply to this post and I’ll hit you back with answers tomorrow!


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  • Carlos Costa

    Hey Jonathan.
    Tell us which are your qualities as person.

  • Carlos Costa

    Hey you.
    How do you spend you money? Which are your favorites labels?

  • Carlos Costa

    How a scene is done? How do you get ready for shooting?
    Lots of love,

  • Caleb

    You’re delicious!
    What is it like getting spit all over your face by any man(the feel,the taste,and the smell of it)?

  • Karan Jasbir

    Hi Jonathan!!!

    Hope you are doing well…. I beloved I am your biggest fan in India and I hope in the world…. There are no words to explain how much I adore you…. My question to you is that… How does it feel to be loved and adored by so many people??? People whom you have never met…. People who fanticise about you….
    Are you open to have sex with your fans?
    Any plans for India?


  • Russ fry

    Hi J ! How will you be spending the Holidays ? however you do my best wishes and much love Have a Great Time (“,)

  • koby

    מה המצב מותק?? איך זה שאתה מגיע לארץ בהפתעה ולא אומר לכולנו פה??
    תעדכן בפייס לא רק על הסרטים והחיים הכלליים בברלין.. תנסה לעדכן קצת יורת.. 🙂 מחכה לראותך בקרוב בארצנו הקטנטונת והחמה.. 🙂

  • Ouch1

    Are you well paid as a star of porn?

    What do you dislike about some men you don’t find attractive?

    Do you prefer being active or passive?

  • Ozzie

    Hey Jonathan, Just saw your scene with Adam Killian and it was HOT. If you had to choose between Adam and Rafael Carreras, who would it be and why?

  • Brad

    Hey Jonathan!
    Good you are back finally!!
    I miss you a lot.
    When are you going to be back on Facebook?!
    Love you

  • matthew

    hey sexy,
    Love your dick<3.
    I got question; what would you like to find under christmas tree? Horny boy 😉

  • Veky

    How you decide to engage in porn industry? How it is when the fuck on camera, I would feel even slightly uncomfortable!! LOL

  • md

    hi my god;)
    What do you want to “find under christmas tree”?

  • Alessandro

    Hi Jonathan….
    very hot your scene with Scott Carter..I love dominant sex………I hope to see you in a new Raunch movie… are very “dirty” in watersport scenes….and I’m crazy about your body & mouth covered in PISS……..

  • Russ fry

    Hey Thanks ! it was great you did it this way answering by video, just hearing you say my name in your Sexy Accent has made my day! Take care Handsome x (“,)

  • maned3764

    Hey Jonathan I am a big fan and u actually made me join lucas entertainment just so I can watch u.
    Have u even had an accident on set or even a little smell when filming if so with who?
    Where are u based now?
    Happy Holidays to the most sexy man alive.

  • John Rock

    The scene with Naor Tal on the roof top in Tel Aviv, in the movie “Inside Israel, How did you not get the authorities to allow you show your sex scene in public. It is one of the hottest scenes ever. So carefree in the open.
    Thanks. It just blows me away. Showing fucking, sucking on an open roof top visible to anyone.

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