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ISRAEL PRIDE: Dildos, dancing and fucking!

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey Hey Hey Boys! Wassup?

It’s Jonathan Agassi here, so last week was the best I have had in a long time! It was my last week in Israel and gay pride was coming up fast! I met this hot photographer that took me, nevertheless, to the Israeli gay beach to take some pics. It was fun but most of all, JESUS!!! So many hot tanned muscled out-of-town guys on the beach! Now as you know I got my new tattoo recently so I’m not aloud to go to the beach!!! Well…


I put on my shortest shorts and stayed at the beach till the sun went down!!!
Met some hot guys and had some hot wild sex with this American guy at the Hilton… mmm living the life!

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Then, Friday morning I started to prepare for Pride! I thought I had a butch look together but hear me out, the designer of the parade’s clothing made me a into hoochie mama!!! But I kind of enjoyed it! It was beautiful to watch and SO MANY people where just dying to take a picture with me wearing my outrageous outfit, so what more can I ask! (more after pics)

israel prideISRAEL PRIDE
israel prideISRAEL PRIDE

Later that night I danced at the biggest party of the Pride and 1000000 of people where dancing and having fun! But between us? I was so tired! After walking all day in the Israeli sun it’s not that easy to keep on dancing all night long… especially when I had my SEX SHOW at 9 in the morning!!!!!!

Ok ok ok the weirdest thing happened! I was supposed to perform as a soldier, hot top soldier… but the surprise was actually nobody knew that there was a HUGE dildo up my ass waiting for me to push it out and FUCK the hell out of my own ass!!!


I’m standing on the stage and when it’s time for my dildo to pop out, guess what?
IT DIDN’T!!!!!! (Not till after the show ended and I got backstage lol) haha that was sooooo funny! Nobody wants to get out from that ass I guess ☺

Well boys other than that I’m back home in Berlin finally!!!! Missed it a lot! I’m off to create new adventures!!!

Lova ya!
Jonathan Agassi

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Prepping for Israel Pride and getting fist fucked!

by on Jun.10, 2010, under Life, Movies

Hey boys, It’s Jonathan Agassi and I’m here today with some breaking news!

I’ll start with the easy stuff…
I’m sure u remember I felt bad last week so I stayed in Israel for a few more days…well…from a few days it became 2 more weeks! Israel is celebrating PRIDE next weekend and I thought to myself: HOW CAN I MISS IT?!?

So yeah, I’m on the trucks!!! And I’ll be performing at 2 major parties. On Friday night “I’m taking no calls coz I’ll be dancing” in a huge party at the Oman club and on Saturday morning I’m gonna give it my all at the “BEEF” line. I’m gonna FUCK myself (literally) on the stage! It’s gonna be super hot! I’m so exited! I love performing, and my first performance ever was at that club…so that’s a nice closer.

Besides that I was bored this week so decided to take some pics so I can share them with my beautiful fans ☺

And besides those two, whoever knows me, knows that my biggest and only fantasy was to get fisted!
I’ve been trying for a year or so but never really made it. So last weekend I told my self:

FOUR hours later and a bottle of j lube, Crisco, and what ever else was needed your boy did it ☺☺
And I took it all the way!!!!

So good for me… I’m the most satisfied person alive!
Now the next step is to tell my sexy boss that I WANT TO DO A FIST MOVIE!!!!!

(Do u think he will let me???)

You know what else came out this week?? My scene with Thierry Lamasse in International Studs! It was so hot getting rough with that French fuck-pro on the mod/futuristic set!

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Your boy

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