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Your answers!

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Life

1) Alessandro

Dear Jonathan…I’m very happy for your next films in Berlin…what are you going to do? piss? fist? feet?….My dream is a piss orgy with a lot of guys pissing, spitting on you…lick dirty feet….you are always HOT……

A: Hey Alessandro, first thank you ☺ I will be shooting 4 movies in Berlin. One of them will be a fetish film, pissing for sure, MAYBE fisting, and feet are always welcome ☺

2) Jaime

If you weren’t a porn star, what career/entertainment industry path would you have followed?

A: Good one Jaime! That’s hard for me to answer that since I don’t see myself doing anything else (at the moment).
BUT I do love graphic design and it’s something I would love to study. my mother always said that I have an eye for things and a big big vision for things and how things are supposed to look like. So maybe when I stop working with my private parts I’ll start working with my eyes and mind? Lol… who knows ☺

3) Victor

What’s the longest you’ve ever been on a set to shoot a scene? How do you stay focused?

A: Hey Victor, the longest shoots I had were 7-8 hours!!! And I think I the reason was because I was NOT focused. When I shot my scene with Rafael Alencar for “Rafael in Paris” I was so exited that I just could not take it at first. It was my second production ever and it was my first time traveling out from Israel and all together it just made me lose it. BUT my first scene EVER with my boss Michael Lucas in the Israeli Auditions movie took 35 minutes to shoot so for that one I kind of broke a record.

4) Rudy

Hi Jonathan
What’s is your favorite sex position and why? And which celebrity are you most likely to have sex with?

A: Hey Rudy ☺ my two favorite positions as a top and as a bottom are doggy and lying on the back with legs up… I think these are the only positions were you can really go as deep as possible. Besides, I love slapping!!! Ass or face doesn’t mater but I must have them both in front of me at some point ☺
hmmm Johnny Depp is the hottest I think. I would love to show him wonderland ☺

5) GayPornoholic

You are definitely a sexual person (I am assuming, as sexual as you are is there a limit you are not willing to cross…or will you try anything once, if it works for you?

A: Hey G.P.H, I think that in my personal life I have tried everything I wanted to try, and actually I think there is not much more to try lol. I am not into real pain/blood/scat that I can say for sure but I am the most open minded guy I’ve even met so I think that if I’ll ever meet someone else like me then it might be dangerous!

Thank you guys for your questions!

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My performance at Hustlaball!!!

by on May.04, 2010, under Life, Photos, Video Clips

Hey guys it’s one day after the Hustlaball weekend and I still need to catch my breath!!!
That was an amazing experience!

I landed in London on Saturday and went straight to a signing event with Rafael Alencar and Mike Dreyden. I couldn’t believe what was going on there! People came with a TON of magazines and interviews of me to sign and we took pictures and had lots of fun. After that we went to a big dinner (great food) and I got to meet Chi Chi LaRue!!! She is amazing!!! Funny as hell!! She was the DJ in the VIP room at HustlaBall and of course one of the lead performers together with my sexy boss, Michael Lucas.

Ok ok cut the bullshit!! Lets talk sex!

So I got to the club about one hour before the show started…I had 2 different shows and each one included different clothes and a different partner. My first show was with Michael Lucas!!!! Boys let me tell u that: THIS BOY KNOWS HOW TO MOVE ☺ At the main part of our show I used my “lack of gag reflex” and that was SUPER HOT!!! They had us dress with ties, white button shirts and socks. Extra sexy look ☺

My second show was with Rafael Alencar and as you know he is a crazy bomb!!! In the middle of the show suddenly he tells me “I’ve got to pee, let’s do water sports” hahaha

So guess what:

And that made our show, the hottest show there! That was fucking worth it!! (and you know I love water sports, so no complaints from my side) ☺

When the show was over I went outside to celebrate but hear me out, I COULDN’T!!!
People came to take pictures with me and to talk to me and I got so much feedback! That felt amazing!!! I’m so happy that I got to take a part of this and I would love to do it again next year!

That’s all guys… I want to thank the organizers of this event and thank you Michael Lucas for giving me this opportunity!

Love u boys
Jonathan Agassi

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