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a few months ago i shot a scene with landon conrad and let me tell ya I FELL IN LOVE!! yum!


DEEP DICKING: Jonathan Agassi and Landon ConradExclusive Jonathan Agassi is a Lucas Entertainment favorite, having been an exclusive performer since his introduction into the world of hardcore gay porn. And Landon Conrad is just a favorite — a very hot and sexy favorite. On a trip to England the two hunks cruise one another — Jonathan is a bit of a raunchy pig, and Landon spots him taking a piss out in the open. He gets turned on and invites Jonathan to a secluded location. These two guys are hungry for dick, and when you see them choke down and suck each other’s cocks, you’d think they’re training for a new X-rated Olympic sport! But the sucking is only the beginning — Landon is becoming more versatile in his sex life and decides he wants to feel Jonathan inside of him, so the Israeli eats him out, get’s Landon on his hands and knees, and sticks his dick deep inside of him! Jonathan loves taking cock as much as giving it (maybe even more) and has Landon fuck him after awhile. It’s what Landon does best, and Jonathan handles every pound the top delivers from his massive physical frame!

also.. i took some hot ass solo pictures in between fucking so…..

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AWAKE Finale!

by on Oct.26, 2012, under Movies

Seduction and madness aggressively collide in the intense finale of AWAKE. For almost two months we have watched the lives of struggling boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares as the men get temped by a series of tests at the hands of local seducer Mitchell Rock.

Jonathan has finally caught on to Jessy’s infidelity and the seams begin to unravel as Jonathan shatters the man in the mirror who Jessy thought he saw. When you lose your own perception and identity then everything is at stake. Jonathan’s retaliation is a heated affair as he finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and lures them into his revenge.

But not all is what it seems when the temptation ends where it began at the lighthouse. A structure meant to guide people to the right path but will the light shine through the dark madness or will it all crash into destruction as everyone becomes AWAKE.

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After Jessy hitches a ride back to his hotel, Jonathan confronts Jessy and the aggressive blowout begins. Jonathan storms out of the fight and finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and coaxes them to drive him as far away as they can. Once Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew up into the lighthouse, he lets them both know what he’s after. He totally wants to let go, and the only way he knows how is total submission to two hot guys, and Jonathan couldn’t have two better candidates in Edji and Mathew. The kissing is hard and powerful, the way men kiss when their testosterone is boiling. More and more clothing is removed as Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew deeper into his sexual desires: Edji takes Jonathan by the front while Mathew grabs hold of him from the back. Mathew and Edji unbuckle their pants and present their cocks to Jonathan; the Israeli bottom wags his tongue and drops to his knees. He switches between Edji and Mathew’s big dick, licking and sucking the shafts and heads. The guys all gasp and moan during the hot blowjob action, and the tops even smack their dicks against Jonathan’s face while his mouth is open and tongue bared. Jonathan leans against the railing of the lighthouse’s interior and bends over to show off his puckering asshole. Edji and Mathew take turns settling in between his cheeks and eating out his hole. Jonathan loves when his ass is shown a proper amount of attention, and these two sexy men know what they’re doing to get him all worked up. Edji is the first to bend Jonathan over while their both standing up and slip his cock inside: Edji isn’t know for taking it easy on his bottom guys, and Jonathan is no exception. Jonathan gets slammed hard, and he knows he has to take it! Mathew moves in next and shoves his long fat dick inside Jonathan and shows as much gentleness as Edji did. The threesome moves to another room and Jonathan rides Mathew like a cowboy as Edji jerks off watching the two go at it. The sex reaches its climax when Jonathan settles in between both Mathew and Edji and takes their cum with hungry, open mouth!

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First Behind the Scenes Footage From AWAKE!

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Movies

Only one more day until the premiere of Part One of AWAKE. Check out the first behind-the-scenes video footage of the film and watch as the A-List cast takes over Mykonos for the grueling shoot as they cliff jumped, fought, scaled a lighthouse, were hit by cars, were filmed underwater and had plenty of passionate sex! Go behind the scenes for the first time with the three main actors Jessy Ares, Jonathan Agassi and Mitchell Rock as they lead the men to open their eyes and feel everything, AWAKE!

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“Awake is my favorite story we’ve told, especially in terms of emotion and the love and sex between gay men,” says writer and director Marc MacNamara. “Every so often I hear people comment, ‘why make these large, elaborate, big-budget productions when it’s just so guys can jerk off?’ But for me porn is not just about getting off, it’s about relating to someone else with your desires and living through them. We don’t all fuck the pizza guy or the delivery boy but as men we have had the challenge of love and sex in real-life. If someone wants to get off then they want to be excited and Awake does that like nothing else I’ve seen before. We truly are mixing the industries of mainstream and adult.”

“Shooting in Mykonos was both majestic and challenging,” says Production Manager Rusty Ford. “Mykonos is quite a journey from New York and every detail had to be planned for in advance. However, as you know, things don’t always go as planned but we adapted and made the production even better. All in all, it was a very exciting and sexy time. All of the models and crew stayed at a gorgeous villa on the northern tip of the island. We had plenty of fun working together and playing as well.”

“I’m extremely proud that I made the box cover! I LOVE it,” says star Jessy Ares. “It was the most exciting movie that I have ever filmed. And the cast is full of the most popular gay porn stars of today. I am so excited for this movie, it’s amazing!”

Be sure to watch the premiere of AWAKE Friday, September 14th at!

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I Flip-Fuck with Trenton Ducati by the Sea

by on Aug.02, 2012, under Movies, Video Clips

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Both Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati look like mythic champions — they’re handsome faces and masculine bodies make them worthy of Olympus. They pass through a stone hallway and step into the open waters where they bathe and admire one another’s bodies. Jonathan knows no restraint and immediately settles between Trenton’s legs and uses his mouth to pleasure Trenton’s erect cock. When he’s not sucking on Trenton he’s eating him out — it’s all to prepare the muscle top for when he climbs on top of him and starts to thrust and pound. Jonathan is slow and deep as he has sex with Trenton, who takes every inch of the Israeli lover into him. But Trenton has just as much aggression in him as he does passion for Jonathan, and he gives him a rim-job before bending him over the craggy shore and fucking him until they both ejaculate.

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by on Jun.25, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies, Photos

Good morning my horny pigs!!!

The first movie out of three shot in MYKONOS is finally on it’s way to YOU!

So just for the fun of it, And before ill publish the trailer or the scene, I want to share some of my favorite pictures from those shoots!





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The Last Day – Hardcore Trailer!

by on Apr.09, 2012, under Movies

April 2, 2012 (New York, NY) – Lucas Entertainment, the leader in gay porn epics, is proud to announce the DVD release the critically praised, end-of-the-world blockbuster “The Last Day”. Shot entirely on location in Ibiza, Spain, the film combines edge-of-your-seat action with intense and aggressive sex that are joined with explosive results.

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QX Men has said of the film, “In what’s been cited as ‘the porn movie of the year’ The Last Day is an action-packed movie set on a beautiful Mediterranean island. As this is will be their last days, the guys aren’t going to waste any time with tears. Oh no, they’re going to fuck like there’s no tomorrow. The Last Day not only has incredible sex, but also an intelligent storyline that rivals any Hollywood blockbuster.”

The story unfolds as Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi is wrapped up in an intricate, apocalyptic plot by fame-seeking killer Damien Crosse.The action-packed struggle between the truth and the end of the world begins as the men brutally fight to survive THE LAST DAY!

Blog GPCrush says, “Damien and Rafael Carreras are so hot, my screen melted. SERIOUSLY!! The more I see of The Last Day, the more I want it. This film is like mana from heaven!!!!”

Alongside Agassi, Carreras and Crosse, The Last Day features performances by Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Issac Jones, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and newcomer Adriano Carrasco.

Along with the DVD release, The Last Day is also available to stream online to members of

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Deeper Look Behind the Scenes of The Last Day

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

Go deeper behind the scenes with this extended look at Part One of Lucas Entertainment’s blockbuster THE LAST DAY. Featuring Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside real-life boyfriends Will Helm and Kriss Aston. Watch as their sex set get bombarded by tourists and the men fuck like there’s no tomorrow.

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My LAST DAY Threesome with Will Helm & Kriss Aston!

by on Mar.20, 2012, under Movies

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He’s all alone: Jonathan Agassi returns from a brief, solitary vacation away from the island paradise Ibiza only to find it empty and echoing with his calls for attention. He wanders the forgotten streets, filled with still cars and lined with empty shops. A convenient store draws his attention, and while browsing the shelves the quiet is broken by the distant hum of motorcycle engines. Jonathan dashes outside to see Will Helm and Kriss Aston patrolling the streets. They explain to Jonathan that the island is deserted; everyone fled after terrible news was passed down via mass communications. If Jonathan wants to know what it is, he has to follow them. Kriss and Will lead Jonathan back to the home of Issac Jones, who shows him a looping broadcast: the tampering of scientists searching for the elusive Higgs Boson — the God Particle — at the CERN facility in Switzerland has caused instability in the Earth’s core, and the world will end in six days. These are Jonathan’s last days alive. In shock, Will and Kriss calm Jonathan by taking him to a ruined watchtower overlooking Ibiza Island. If this is truly their last days, these men are not going to waste their time with tears. Kriss and Will both approach Jonathan at the tower’s summit, groping his lean body with their hands and smothering his face and neck with kisses. Under the high-noon sun the guys take off their shirts to let their sculpted bodies breathe. Jonathan drops to his knees when Kriss and Will undo their pants: both of their hard, uncut cocks are standing erect, bouncing up and down as the two flex their cocks, enticing Jonathan to suck them both, one after the other. Kriss is eager to taste Jonathan, so the hulking bottom bends down and sucks on the Israeli stud’s cut dick while his boyfriend watches, ever turned on by seeing his man with someone else. Will is next, and both Kriss and Jonathan show his big piece of meat special attention. The three have an unforgettable cock-party: they swap wet blowjobs, complete with plenty of deep-throating and 69 fun, while total-top Will and versatile Agassi play with Kriss’ ass here and there, licking and tasting it. When Will is ready for Kriss’ ass, the hungry bottom bends over the tower ledge and grits his teeth as the young, hot, and horny top penetrates him, thrusting deep and slowly while Jonathan jerks his cock before swapping in and doing the fucking himself. Jonathan and Will take turns back and forth; the action reaches its height when Jonathan fucks Kriss while Will enters Jonathan’s from behind for one of the hottest three-way fucks around! The cum-hungry Jonathan hangs his head over the tower ledge as Kriss and Will jerk their cum all over the Israeli slut!

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by on Mar.19, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Photos

Hey fuckers! Finally the movie I shot almost four months ago in IBIZA is wrapped and I have a bunch of stories to tell about those shoots!

After winning BEST ACTOR U.S. in the previous HUSTLABALL BERLIN awards, My next destination was IBIZA! I took the morning flight right after the awards show, Stinking from sweat, leather, lube, and all sort of body liquids (that just happen. I swear!) I’M LANDING IN IBIZA!
meeting all Lucas family members was EXCITING!
Getting a script of a 2 weeks shoots was …SURPRISING!
Meeting my co star DAMIEN CROSSE and find out i need to kill him was SCARY!

Put all those emotions together and you got your self a real COCKBUSTER!!!!

DAY 1.
Having my morning fag on the balcony of our HUGE VILLA with one of the hottest porn stars WORLD WIDE Damian cross was stressful! But he totally made me feel relaxed! he is such a hot guy!
During the next few days we were shooting all the dialogs!
Mr. Cross was singing he’s lines while I was mumbling LOL


SCENE 1: Jonathan Agassi riding a motorcycle with WILL HELM & KRISS ASTON!
Jonathan Agassi almost drive of the cliff! BUT HE SURVIVED!
We’re getting to this deserted structure with A view to die for!!!
Joining this hot power couple was a WHOLE BUNCH OF DIRTINESS!

After realizing that this is THE LAST DAY! I’m taking my motorcycle and off I go TO SAVE THE WORLD!
I’m realizing the bad guys plan and finding the perfect way to stop them!



Cant wait!!!


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Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY!

by on Mar.15, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

In preparation for The Last Day check out an exclusive new clip from Ibiza. Go behind the scenes with stars Jonathan Agassi, Will Helm and Kriss Aston as they give us a sneak peek at their scene and share stories from the set. How would they spend their last day? Who’s fucking who? And what’s it like fucking boyfriends? Answers below in the video:

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The Last Day at

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