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by on Mar.07, 2014, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies, Photos

a few months ago i shot a scene with landon conrad and let me tell ya I FELL IN LOVE!! yum!


DEEP DICKING: Jonathan Agassi and Landon ConradExclusive Jonathan Agassi is a Lucas Entertainment favorite, having been an exclusive performer since his introduction into the world of hardcore gay porn. And Landon Conrad is just a favorite — a very hot and sexy favorite. On a trip to England the two hunks cruise one another — Jonathan is a bit of a raunchy pig, and Landon spots him taking a piss out in the open. He gets turned on and invites Jonathan to a secluded location. These two guys are hungry for dick, and when you see them choke down and suck each other’s cocks, you’d think they’re training for a new X-rated Olympic sport! But the sucking is only the beginning — Landon is becoming more versatile in his sex life and decides he wants to feel Jonathan inside of him, so the Israeli eats him out, get’s Landon on his hands and knees, and sticks his dick deep inside of him! Jonathan loves taking cock as much as giving it (maybe even more) and has Landon fuck him after awhile. It’s what Landon does best, and Jonathan handles every pound the top delivers from his massive physical frame!

also.. i took some hot ass solo pictures in between fucking so…..

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by on Mar.04, 2014, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Photos, Press

good morning everybody!
last month I finally got some nasty pictures from my MOST MEMORABLE show in hustlaball Berlin 2013!
I LOVE performing in hustlaball mostly coz’ its the ONLY stage in the world I can actually be in A physical contact with my fans! SO I took my favorite pictures from this night and IG it just for you guys! and gurlz! <3 ENJOY XXX [gallery link="file"]

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by on Jun.25, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies, Photos

Good morning my horny pigs!!!

The first movie out of three shot in MYKONOS is finally on it’s way to YOU!

So just for the fun of it, And before ill publish the trailer or the scene, I want to share some of my favorite pictures from those shoots!





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Deeper Look Behind the Scenes of The Last Day

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

Go deeper behind the scenes with this extended look at Part One of Lucas Entertainment’s blockbuster THE LAST DAY. Featuring Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside real-life boyfriends Will Helm and Kriss Aston. Watch as their sex set get bombarded by tourists and the men fuck like there’s no tomorrow.

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by on Mar.19, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Photos

Hey fuckers! Finally the movie I shot almost four months ago in IBIZA is wrapped and I have a bunch of stories to tell about those shoots!

After winning BEST ACTOR U.S. in the previous HUSTLABALL BERLIN awards, My next destination was IBIZA! I took the morning flight right after the awards show, Stinking from sweat, leather, lube, and all sort of body liquids (that just happen. I swear!) I’M LANDING IN IBIZA!
meeting all Lucas family members was EXCITING!
Getting a script of a 2 weeks shoots was …SURPRISING!
Meeting my co star DAMIEN CROSSE and find out i need to kill him was SCARY!

Put all those emotions together and you got your self a real COCKBUSTER!!!!

DAY 1.
Having my morning fag on the balcony of our HUGE VILLA with one of the hottest porn stars WORLD WIDE Damian cross was stressful! But he totally made me feel relaxed! he is such a hot guy!
During the next few days we were shooting all the dialogs!
Mr. Cross was singing he’s lines while I was mumbling LOL


SCENE 1: Jonathan Agassi riding a motorcycle with WILL HELM & KRISS ASTON!
Jonathan Agassi almost drive of the cliff! BUT HE SURVIVED!
We’re getting to this deserted structure with A view to die for!!!
Joining this hot power couple was a WHOLE BUNCH OF DIRTINESS!

After realizing that this is THE LAST DAY! I’m taking my motorcycle and off I go TO SAVE THE WORLD!
I’m realizing the bad guys plan and finding the perfect way to stop them!



Cant wait!!!


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Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY!

by on Mar.15, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

In preparation for The Last Day check out an exclusive new clip from Ibiza. Go behind the scenes with stars Jonathan Agassi, Will Helm and Kriss Aston as they give us a sneak peek at their scene and share stories from the set. How would they spend their last day? Who’s fucking who? And what’s it like fucking boyfriends? Answers below in the video:

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The Last Day at

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On the set of MEN IN LOVE with Issac Jones!

by on Jan.05, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

Go behind the scenes with the “Men in Love” Issac Jones and ME! Watch as we talk about our romantic scene and how we felt about connecting emotionally on camera.

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Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones have had their eyes on each for a long time, dreaming and longing to find a way — any way — they could run off and experience each other for the first time. They manage to plan a getaway to Ibiza where they make love in the countryside. Wearing nothing but their sensual white briefs, Issac and Jonathan caress and touch their toned and lean bodies, pecking and kissing each other on the lips. Jonathan is in love with Issac, wanting to be with him forever: they express their love physically by sharing in long stints of body contact before Jonathan takes it further and slides Issac’s uncut cock past his wet lips and into his mouth. Issac moans and breathes heavily, unable to believe that he finally knows what its like to be inside Jonathan’s mouth. They reverse roles and Issac sucks on Jonathan, blowing his cut dick with passion. In an act of loving submission, Jonathan offers his ass to Issac, how kisses the cheeks and licks his hole, preparing it for when he first enters. Issac slides into Jonathan, and while it’s uncomfortable at first, the pain becomes pleasure as Issac ravages Jonathan from behind. Their passion intensifies and Jonathan earns the reward of sliding into Issac; his warm, tight ass is ecstasy for the Israeli hunk. They make love to each other hard and with strong passion until they reach climax, the ultimate expression of their physical longing for one another.

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Deep-Throating Hamburger Cock!

by on Aug.12, 2011, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

Myself and Gabriel Lenfant take you on the set and inside the BACKDOOR! Watch and see how deep my throat can get and how Lenfant turns his dick into a hamburger:

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by on May.31, 2011, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Photos

Im happy to announce that one out of the three movies I shot in canada last month “POWER PROFESSIONALS”, Is getting wrapped as I write!!!
Im so looking forward to this one!
I love Lucas entertainment GENTLEMAN collection!! Even though my only movie in that collection is “after hours”, And even though its SO HARD AND HOT to shoot sex while wearing a suit!!!! (not in the way that us sex maniac likes)
In between shots I took my time to rest, eat, and wank while eating a sandwich! he he I love my job!

I shot my scene with Marko LeBeau.
A Canadian hot and not so tall man .. Who ever knows me will tell you… I LOVE THEM SHORT! So in that department we had A match.
Shameless like always I came to him in the minute he walked in to the set and asked: DO YOU LIKE PIG SEX OR WAH?
(wah=what in a British accent)

I must say I didn’t like his answer since it was: NO NO .. I LIKE VANILLA!

After bitching and complaining for not having my pigs juice I must admit.. THAT WAS HOT!
Although iv been asked not to spit or slap I made it!!
I didn’t see the scene yet I promise you, YOU WILL LOVE IT!
As im making my way through millions par’s of underwear and gay porn movies (surprisingly most of them starring me) suddenly I find my self cruising another horny business man that probably took a launch break from his hard desk work! After checking him out from head to tow and while grabbing my BIG FAT COCK in lust, I get to hump,bang, power fuck his very big bubble hairy gorgeous ass in a few sweaty positions!


Vanilla MY ASS!!! He took it like a REAL MAN!! he rides my BIG FAT COCK like a man whore and I promise you HE LOVED IT! He moaned louder then me and you know me.. I MOAN!
I loved fucking him and I cannot wait for you to see it!

I got an exclusive approval to share with you some of my pictures from “power professionals”, Before any one has ever saw them! That’s hardly ever happen so your the first to see them!
There you go guys, ENJOY (:

In the next days ill probably post a hot trailer, this is just a small taste (:


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Fighting and fucking Jean Franko in my new movie MISSING!

by on May.19, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Video Clips

Hey guys it’s Jonathan Agassi, so my movie Missing is almost out and I’m getting flashbacks on the fun that I had while shooting it.

My last scene for that movie was with Jean Franko, which I have known for years (through his movies of course). Working with him kind of gave me the first time feeling of “Wow… I’m with the big boys.” So that was a lot of fun! Before we did this scene I had to run A LOT so I was really tired but as you know me, nothing will stop me from fucking hard and intense like I LOVE !!! So we started the scene, I’m tied up and bloody, I open my eyes and I see Jean with all his glory, holding a block of wood. But I had a little scheme to get out of the trap and into his ass ☺

So anyway…. Watch that clip to get some of the hot fun that we had!
Jean Franko your ass is gorgeous!!!

Pre-Order Missing Now    Watch Missing Now

Other than that, in a week or two the pride events all over the world will start and I’m so looking forward that! I’ve been invited to perform in Madrid’s parade next to my idol Francois Sagat, Adam Champ and all the big boys of the industry. So I’ve been pumping myself up in the gym like crazy lol… CAN’T WAIT!

And last but not least:
The Israel Tour is coming up next week!!!!! I’m starting to pack and so should you! I’m so fucking exited! Looking forward seeing u there boys ☺

Great week! Love ya,

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