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AWAKE Finale!

by on Oct.26, 2012, under Movies

Seduction and madness aggressively collide in the intense finale of AWAKE. For almost two months we have watched the lives of struggling boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares as the men get temped by a series of tests at the hands of local seducer Mitchell Rock.

Jonathan has finally caught on to Jessy’s infidelity and the seams begin to unravel as Jonathan shatters the man in the mirror who Jessy thought he saw. When you lose your own perception and identity then everything is at stake. Jonathan’s retaliation is a heated affair as he finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and lures them into his revenge.

But not all is what it seems when the temptation ends where it began at the lighthouse. A structure meant to guide people to the right path but will the light shine through the dark madness or will it all crash into destruction as everyone becomes AWAKE.

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After Jessy hitches a ride back to his hotel, Jonathan confronts Jessy and the aggressive blowout begins. Jonathan storms out of the fight and finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and coaxes them to drive him as far away as they can. Once Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew up into the lighthouse, he lets them both know what he’s after. He totally wants to let go, and the only way he knows how is total submission to two hot guys, and Jonathan couldn’t have two better candidates in Edji and Mathew. The kissing is hard and powerful, the way men kiss when their testosterone is boiling. More and more clothing is removed as Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew deeper into his sexual desires: Edji takes Jonathan by the front while Mathew grabs hold of him from the back. Mathew and Edji unbuckle their pants and present their cocks to Jonathan; the Israeli bottom wags his tongue and drops to his knees. He switches between Edji and Mathew’s big dick, licking and sucking the shafts and heads. The guys all gasp and moan during the hot blowjob action, and the tops even smack their dicks against Jonathan’s face while his mouth is open and tongue bared. Jonathan leans against the railing of the lighthouse’s interior and bends over to show off his puckering asshole. Edji and Mathew take turns settling in between his cheeks and eating out his hole. Jonathan loves when his ass is shown a proper amount of attention, and these two sexy men know what they’re doing to get him all worked up. Edji is the first to bend Jonathan over while their both standing up and slip his cock inside: Edji isn’t know for taking it easy on his bottom guys, and Jonathan is no exception. Jonathan gets slammed hard, and he knows he has to take it! Mathew moves in next and shoves his long fat dick inside Jonathan and shows as much gentleness as Edji did. The threesome moves to another room and Jonathan rides Mathew like a cowboy as Edji jerks off watching the two go at it. The sex reaches its climax when Jonathan settles in between both Mathew and Edji and takes their cum with hungry, open mouth!

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First Behind the Scenes Footage From AWAKE!

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Movies

Only one more day until the premiere of Part One of AWAKE. Check out the first behind-the-scenes video footage of the film and watch as the A-List cast takes over Mykonos for the grueling shoot as they cliff jumped, fought, scaled a lighthouse, were hit by cars, were filmed underwater and had plenty of passionate sex! Go behind the scenes for the first time with the three main actors Jessy Ares, Jonathan Agassi and Mitchell Rock as they lead the men to open their eyes and feel everything, AWAKE!

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“Awake is my favorite story we’ve told, especially in terms of emotion and the love and sex between gay men,” says writer and director Marc MacNamara. “Every so often I hear people comment, ‘why make these large, elaborate, big-budget productions when it’s just so guys can jerk off?’ But for me porn is not just about getting off, it’s about relating to someone else with your desires and living through them. We don’t all fuck the pizza guy or the delivery boy but as men we have had the challenge of love and sex in real-life. If someone wants to get off then they want to be excited and Awake does that like nothing else I’ve seen before. We truly are mixing the industries of mainstream and adult.”

“Shooting in Mykonos was both majestic and challenging,” says Production Manager Rusty Ford. “Mykonos is quite a journey from New York and every detail had to be planned for in advance. However, as you know, things don’t always go as planned but we adapted and made the production even better. All in all, it was a very exciting and sexy time. All of the models and crew stayed at a gorgeous villa on the northern tip of the island. We had plenty of fun working together and playing as well.”

“I’m extremely proud that I made the box cover! I LOVE it,” says star Jessy Ares. “It was the most exciting movie that I have ever filmed. And the cast is full of the most popular gay porn stars of today. I am so excited for this movie, it’s amazing!”

Be sure to watch the premiere of AWAKE Friday, September 14th at!

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