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My new movie MISSING!!!

by on May.07, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Movies, Photos, Video Clips

Hey guys my new movie Missing is coming out soon!

Check out the production blog for a hot look at what we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes!

From Lucas Entertainment:

We had an idea to film a big storyline movie abroad, with amazing locations, intense scenarios and all the hot sex that ensues. Well thank the porn gods that we have a strong sense of ambition and masochism because it took a great deal of both to get through the grueling but worthwhile production of Missing!

The story:

While vacationing in Barcelona, young Diego Cruz is seduced by a hot local man (Pavlvs Guell). All is going well until Diego realizes it’s a set-up and is then gagged, bagged and kidnapped. His friend Michael Lucas is in New York and on the phone with Cruz when the attack happens and rushes to Spain to find his friend.

The story follows as Michael Lucas and Jonathan Agassi get tangled in the dangerous and action-packed search for Diego…all culminating in a showdown at an abandoned factory on the Mediterranean shore.

Cast includes Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi alongside newcomer Diego Cruz, Pavlvs Guell, Bruno Jones, Ivan Rueda, Carlos Caballero, Sergio Serrano, Jean Franko and Michael Lucas. In the following weeks we will take you behind-the-scenes and give you an in depth look at the sexually charged production of Missing. Complete with the firing of two models on the set, a chase scene through the heart of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya, an escape jump into the icing harbor waters and 5 aggressive and impassioned sex scenes that will keep your heart and dick throbbing!

Watch below as Jonathan Agassi schools Diego Cruz on how to fuck on camera, before newcomer Pavlvs Guell takes a piece of Diego’s hot ass!

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Hustlaball pics!

by on May.05, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys,
As I promised to show u my performance at the Hustlaball
Here they are!!!

Enjoy 🙂

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My performance at Hustlaball!!!

by on May.04, 2010, under Life, Photos, Video Clips

Hey guys it’s one day after the Hustlaball weekend and I still need to catch my breath!!!
That was an amazing experience!

I landed in London on Saturday and went straight to a signing event with Rafael Alencar and Mike Dreyden. I couldn’t believe what was going on there! People came with a TON of magazines and interviews of me to sign and we took pictures and had lots of fun. After that we went to a big dinner (great food) and I got to meet Chi Chi LaRue!!! She is amazing!!! Funny as hell!! She was the DJ in the VIP room at HustlaBall and of course one of the lead performers together with my sexy boss, Michael Lucas.

Ok ok cut the bullshit!! Lets talk sex!

So I got to the club about one hour before the show started…I had 2 different shows and each one included different clothes and a different partner. My first show was with Michael Lucas!!!! Boys let me tell u that: THIS BOY KNOWS HOW TO MOVE ☺ At the main part of our show I used my “lack of gag reflex” and that was SUPER HOT!!! They had us dress with ties, white button shirts and socks. Extra sexy look ☺

My second show was with Rafael Alencar and as you know he is a crazy bomb!!! In the middle of the show suddenly he tells me “I’ve got to pee, let’s do water sports” hahaha

So guess what:

And that made our show, the hottest show there! That was fucking worth it!! (and you know I love water sports, so no complaints from my side) ☺

When the show was over I went outside to celebrate but hear me out, I COULDN’T!!!
People came to take pictures with me and to talk to me and I got so much feedback! That felt amazing!!! I’m so happy that I got to take a part of this and I would love to do it again next year!

That’s all guys… I want to thank the organizers of this event and thank you Michael Lucas for giving me this opportunity!

Love u boys
Jonathan Agassi

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I’m waiting for you in Israel!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey porn lovers!

These are my last 3 days in Berlin, before I’m heading back to a short visit to my home country ISRAEL ☺ I’m so exited to see my friends and family again!

Since I left Israel my life looks completely different… I FEEL EUROPEAN lol though it’s not always for the good. I miss the weather; I miss the beach and the warmness that Israel owns.

So I’m going to be in Israel for two weeks and guess what?


For those of you that didn’t get the tickets for the TOUR OF ISRAEL with Michael Lucas and myself, please do so!!! (Click HERE for tour’s webpage and booking)

As you know this genius trip, which only my boss could think of, is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I’m sure I’m going to see places that even I didn’t get to see. Michael is going to show you the sites from Men of Israel and Inside Israel that are STUNNING! And I’m going to be there bare-naked and show you how we made those beautiful scenes!…ha ha no no I’m joking! But really, I’ll be so happy to meet you and to host you in my country!

Well…the one below is not an Israel view but indeed made in Israel 🙂

Beside that, after my trip to Israel I’ll be packing my shit and traveling to London for my first time ever performing at HUSTLABALL! That was one of my goals when I moved to Europe… I cannot wait!!! I will put up all the details about that in 2 weeks 😉

So back to Berlin:

How was Berlin for me?
Basics: Great! Met a lot of new friends and seen beautiful locations!
Sexually: WOOF

So that’s what I’ve been doing in Berlin:
Clubbing: Check ☺
MM fucking non stop: Check 🙂
Fisting someone: Check ☺
Double fisting someone: Check 🙂
Leather: Check 🙂
Rubber: Check 🙂

(your boy Jonathan is growing up .. awwwww )

Well did it all 🙂

Bye Bye Berlin hope to see you soon 🙂 Till then LONDON HERE I COME !!!!!!!

Did u see this????? grrrrrr ☺

your boy Jonathan Agassi 😉


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Jonathan Agassi: Leather Pig!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys

So this week it’s all about LEATHER!!!

I’ve lived in Berlin for almost two months and the first thing that I heard about when I arrived here was the SNAX party. Which is the biggest leather event in the world, I guess. In the beginning I said, “Naaaah, what do I have to do in a big fetish party? I’m just a innocent Israeli boy and the only leather I have is on my belt” 😉

So the days passed and it was a week before the party and I suddenly realized that I just gave up on a HUGE event that includes 4,000 (if not more) hot, big, muscular, hairy, wearing leather pigs!!!!!

OH SHIT!!! No fucking way!

So yeah, I took a train (here it’s all about the trains) straight to the gay area to the first leather shop I could find and I went CRAZY!!! I got myself some boots and harnesses and of course 2 leather bracelets, a chain for my neck, some red socks and the list goes on and on and on. After I got bank robed from the store and got home, I called a friend and told him what I got… well guess what??? In these fetish parties the color that you wear actually means what you’re into! So I had some blue, red, and yellow. Which means I’m a piss drinker who loves to get fisted but I’m into regular sex, hahaha

So… I took a train again and tried to explain to sales man that I didn’t know what the colors meant and that I have to replace some of the things. That was a day before the Snax and the store was EMPTY! The only thing I could find was 200€ leather underwear ☹ Well I bought them of course but still something felt wrong…I didn’t want to look like an out-of-place strip dancer… I wanted to be a BUTCH LEATHER DADDY!

I went mad!!!! I didn’t know what to do… it’s the day of the Snax and I was missing something! BUT thanks to a good friend I decided that less is more.

No underwear!
No colors!
No chains on my neck!!!
I’m a visual person so here you go leather lover,
Jonathan Agassi aka LEATHER PIG!

The party was something unforgettable! I think there were way more then 4,000 people! Sex was in the air like I’ve never experienced before! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pigs. OINK OINK 😉

Although my feet still hurt from the boots and my cock’s still HARD just from the smell, i would definitely be a part of it next year!!! See u there?

Your boy,
Jonathan Agassi 😉

***Watch Jonathan Agassi’s scenes and buy his DVD’s here!

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New pics and Behind-the-Scenes Clip!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies, Photos, Video Clips

Yesterday morning I woke up and opened the new “On the Set” production blog on and a clip of me and one of my favorite porn stars, Rafael Carreras! woooof! We had the most powerful sex scene you will see!!! (Spanish Seductions is coming out April 26th)

Also at the beginning of last week a photographer named Mirko Nagel from Berlin contacted me, and together we decided to take some pictures. We did some studio and outdoor shoots and I have to say we had a really hot time! Take a look☺

Now to finish I would like you to take a minute of your time and go to this website: and vote for me and Michael in the following categories:
Best Movie: Men of Israel
Performer of the Year: your boy Jonathan Agassi 😉
Director of the Year: Mr. hung, your man Michael Lucas
Best Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Best Filthy Movie: Piss Gods

love ya, your boy Jonathan 😉

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My First Post!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Behind The Scenes, Life, Movies, Photos

Hey boys, I’m Jonathan Agassi and for my first time I am getting my own forum to actually connect with my fans. Can life get any better? So at first I would like to write a bit about me, who I am, and the things that really give me a boner 😉

For those of you who don’t know, I’m originally from Israel… I was raised there all my life and loved every minute. Since May 2009 I have worked exclusively for your man, Michael Lucas. When I started to do porn almost a year ago I was like a little boy that is dying to get that lollipop… mmm and what a lollipop it was! I really love my job!

Last month the Lucas family, including myself, packed our bags and took a flight to Barcelona! It had been 3 months after my last shoot for the movie Piss Gods and I was full load and was ready to shoot some porn!!! It was am amazing and intense couple of weeks in Spain. I got fucked by the amazing Rafael Carreras, then topped the Latino stud Jean Franko, flipped with the sexy Ivan Rueda, then I had a scene jumping into the freezing water of the Barcelona’s port (the list go on and on but I’m leaving the rest to your imagination for now). I guess it’s time to share with u just a bit of the fun we had!

That’s all for today, we will meet again next week same time same place. Till then I’m sending you a big slap on your ass 😉

Your boy,
Jonathan Agassi

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