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Jonathan Agassi: Leather Pig!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Life, Photos

Hey boys

So this week it’s all about LEATHER!!!

I’ve lived in Berlin for almost two months and the first thing that I heard about when I arrived here was the SNAX party. Which is the biggest leather event in the world, I guess. In the beginning I said, “Naaaah, what do I have to do in a big fetish party? I’m just a innocent Israeli boy and the only leather I have is on my belt” 😉

So the days passed and it was a week before the party and I suddenly realized that I just gave up on a HUGE event that includes 4,000 (if not more) hot, big, muscular, hairy, wearing leather pigs!!!!!

OH SHIT!!! No fucking way!

So yeah, I took a train (here it’s all about the trains) straight to the gay area to the first leather shop I could find and I went CRAZY!!! I got myself some boots and harnesses and of course 2 leather bracelets, a chain for my neck, some red socks and the list goes on and on and on. After I got bank robed from the store and got home, I called a friend and told him what I got… well guess what??? In these fetish parties the color that you wear actually means what you’re into! So I had some blue, red, and yellow. Which means I’m a piss drinker who loves to get fisted but I’m into regular sex, hahaha

So… I took a train again and tried to explain to sales man that I didn’t know what the colors meant and that I have to replace some of the things. That was a day before the Snax and the store was EMPTY! The only thing I could find was 200€ leather underwear ☹ Well I bought them of course but still something felt wrong…I didn’t want to look like an out-of-place strip dancer… I wanted to be a BUTCH LEATHER DADDY!

I went mad!!!! I didn’t know what to do… it’s the day of the Snax and I was missing something! BUT thanks to a good friend I decided that less is more.

No underwear!
No colors!
No chains on my neck!!!
I’m a visual person so here you go leather lover,
Jonathan Agassi aka LEATHER PIG!

The party was something unforgettable! I think there were way more then 4,000 people! Sex was in the air like I’ve never experienced before! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pigs. OINK OINK 😉

Although my feet still hurt from the boots and my cock’s still HARD just from the smell, i would definitely be a part of it next year!!! See u there?

Your boy,
Jonathan Agassi 😉

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