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On the set of MEN IN LOVE with Issac Jones!

by on Jan.05, 2012, under Behind The Scenes, Movies

Go behind the scenes with the “Men in Love” Issac Jones and ME! Watch as we talk about our romantic scene and how we felt about connecting emotionally on camera.

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Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones have had their eyes on each for a long time, dreaming and longing to find a way — any way — they could run off and experience each other for the first time. They manage to plan a getaway to Ibiza where they make love in the countryside. Wearing nothing but their sensual white briefs, Issac and Jonathan caress and touch their toned and lean bodies, pecking and kissing each other on the lips. Jonathan is in love with Issac, wanting to be with him forever: they express their love physically by sharing in long stints of body contact before Jonathan takes it further and slides Issac’s uncut cock past his wet lips and into his mouth. Issac moans and breathes heavily, unable to believe that he finally knows what its like to be inside Jonathan’s mouth. They reverse roles and Issac sucks on Jonathan, blowing his cut dick with passion. In an act of loving submission, Jonathan offers his ass to Issac, how kisses the cheeks and licks his hole, preparing it for when he first enters. Issac slides into Jonathan, and while it’s uncomfortable at first, the pain becomes pleasure as Issac ravages Jonathan from behind. Their passion intensifies and Jonathan earns the reward of sliding into Issac; his warm, tight ass is ecstasy for the Israeli hunk. They make love to each other hard and with strong passion until they reach climax, the ultimate expression of their physical longing for one another.

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  • Karma Rose

    You are one sexy fuck! Keep up the great work baby! each performance is better than the next. Wish I was the director so I could see u in action.

  • Lyn

    Jonathan you’re body is a work of art. You’re passionate, sexy.and truly one in a million. Best of luck to you sweetheart. Keep representing Isreal.

  • Mitch

    That is one of the best movies I have ever seen. They are incredibly hot.

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