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I want to play with all 5 of your senses…

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Life

Hey sexy it’s Jonathan,

Haven’t seen you in awhile.

You look fucking great! Mmm, I’,m really turned on right now, seems like you’ve been working out huh? Can I see a bit more? huff yeah, I wanna see you naked!
mmmm babe I fucking missed your taste, I love licking your neck!

Turn around!

Yeah!!! Love your ass, rrrrr can I lick it? mmm, can I lick it deeper? fuck!! curve your back, push it out, yeah, now squeeze it! mmmm push it again, I wanna get as much PINK as you can give me!

Can I go inside? I really want to! Can I? mmmmm that feels fucking good! Oh yeah! push it against me! yeah!! bang me babe! thats the way I love it! Turn around! I wanna look in your eyes when I get my huge cock deep inside you! Fuck yeah mmmm love your manhole! Can I fuck it harder, like only I can? oh yeah! yeah baby! That’s the way!! Fuck yeahhhhhh

Ok so now that I got your attention I can write a bit about my latest week 🙂

Bad news: I didn’t get my dream apartment! I was depressed for 2 days! But life goes on… and on… so.. fuck it!

Although you won’t get to see me dancing like ( I don’t remember the name of this guy lol , mr.Pam told me that this clip has a name… totally forgot lol)
and of course my never ending tattoo got a bit more… mm… bigger? darker? BEAUTIFUL!?
For all the Greek gods out there, I’m coming to perform in your country 🙂 Yeah! It’s gonna be fucking hot!
Hope to catch you there!
Till next time


oh oh check out this vid
Männer magazine starring: me lol

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