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“Trapped in the Game is a masterpiece!”

by on Dec.22, 2010, under Movies

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Hey guys “Trapped in the Game”! is killing it in reviews! GPCrush gushed over our big-budgeted block buster and here are some excerpts:

“Trapped in the Game
centers around Israeli porn star, Jonathan Agassi’s move to Berlin. Now Jonathan’s got a little taste of fame, it’s time to see what else is out there. Jonathan goes out for night on the town and he gets more than he bargained. He wakes up outdoors in his underwear, cold, wet and confused as to how he just got in this state. Shenanigans!!! Nearby there’s a brown paper bag that says “For You.” Oh how kind! Someone left him some dry clothes and an address. Jonathan goes to the address written, where Adam Killian is waiting for him on all fours wearing white briefs with “For You” written across the ass. Adam and Jonathan’s scene is fucktacularly good. It’s epic.

Trapped in the Game does a fantastic job of balancing the heavy storyline with some amazing toe curling sex.I enjoy when plot sneaks into my porn, forcing the events to drive the sex. The story gets inside your head. It’s seductive, dangerous. Sometimes it’s downright creepy, but the other side of this, the dark twisted sexual fantasy holds you in its thrall. I’m impressed with Jonathan Agassi‘s acting. His scene with Adam Killian is the best scene I’ve seen all year. It is scorching hot. Agassi gives the breakthrough performance of the year. He is mesmerizing to watch.

Trapped in the Game is a masterpiece, a sexy edge of your seat action thriller that grabs hold of you, taking you on a ride you won’t quickly forget.

Don’t miss this.”


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  • David

    I find it a really amazing nice movie….

  • JM

    Hot damn.. You’re so sexy!

  • Mark

    Jonathan A. My buddies Adam K and Aaron Mark are in your fil and I bought several DVDs – Gotta tell you this is a piece de resistance of film work and is a terrific starring role for you . I give you Kudos and bet your will be picking up multi Adult Film industry awards for this film.

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