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Give me more 😉

So after spending my night with your HOT questions, here are my answers… thank you! You rock!!! See you next week, at ASK JONATHAN Monday!

1-What do you see yourself doing in 5 years and would you escort?

A: I love what I do, and I believe that when someone likes his job he should stick with it…right? It’s a hard industry to “stick” in though, it’s very hard to keep people entertained for so long, but I’m the kind of guy who loves to reinvent himself… hopefully it will help me in those terms ☺ I would love to do porn even 10 years from now!

2-What do you enjoy about piss?
If you can only do one sex act for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be?

A: Piss! Just saying the word, makes me hard as a rock! I love this hot tasty mouth filling liquid, I guess it’s the same as cum, only in an xxxxxl amount, it comes out from inside my partner and there’s nothing I love more than body liquids, spit is always welcome too! About position… hmmmm… I love being fucked doggy style but I also love to see my own cum shoot straight on my hairy chest when I’m being fucked while lying on my back! So I guess if I’ll have to choose? mmmm I’ll choose being a top!!! And then I’ll fuck doggy and get to see my own cum all over my partner’s back ☺ Double winner!!!

3-Hey jonathan:-)))what`s the smallest cock that you`ve ever been fucked by? and do you think the size is an issue?:-)) thanx

A: I didn’t really measure but I think it was around 11-12 cm’ maybe… but let me tell you, I’ve been fucked many times with a small cock, and there were many times I enjoyed it A LOT!! I don’t think the size really matters unless your in a slutty mode and you just wanna be ripped off and then u really need a BIG THICK 11′ INCH COCK TO TARE YOUR ASS UP! But I managed many times with an average cock… or even less!

4-Do you love armpits as much as i do?

A: As you do? Do you like sniffing them? Licking them off time after time? Lifting your boy’s arm and just passing your tongue from top to bottom (of the armpit) and maybe some kissing and then all over again? If you answered YES to those, I’ll answer YES to yours!

5-Is there anybody you would still like to have a scene with?
Does having a career in porn make your private sex life less exciting?

A: I’ve got a LONG list of co’ porn buddies I would like to work with… Wilfried knight, Francois Sagat, Austin Wild and many more! Slowly I’ll get them all. I promise!! And sex will always exist in me, porn or not! Although now I think I’ve got much more tempting offers hehe. I mean, I fucked a porn star or two, which totally makes my sex life a fantasy, come true!

6-What was your 1st piss encounter like and what is your most favorite??

A: My first piss session ever was with my ex-boyfriend when I was 20 years old. We were completely drunk and fucking like crazy (vanilla used to be “crazy” at that time) and then he needed to pee… so I just went down on it and drank it hehe it took forever till he peed but when he did it never stopped hehe! I didn’t lose a single drop from it I swear to god! That night I couldn’t sleep all night because my stomach was in such PAIN!!! I blamed him and I was so pissed lol. A week after I did the same again ☺ slowly with time I learned how to play with it, I think I’m a good student (:

7- How do you feel about having female fans? Are you attracted to women or are you all about the guys? Have you ever been with a black guy (sexually/relationship) if not would you be open to dating one?

A: Just a few months ago it was when I understood I have female fans, and that is fucking awesome!!! I think it totally make sense that girls watch gay porn!!! Straight guys like lesbians, right? So girls must love gays lol. Girls are fun! Ive been with a woman or two (ok ok… only two) and it was fun and all but I love a big cock in my ass and a furry chest rubbing all over me and I was kind of born gay so… boys are more my “cup of tea” (pee?).
I’ve been with black guys, I LOVE BLACK GUYS! About dating a black guy, it’s not an issue of color for me, I would date a black, white, Asian, or whatever kind of guy as long as he’s right for me ☺

7- Hey Dude How Big is Your Dick?
the best question yet!

A:my cock is exactly 18,6 cm when its hard and 12.1 when he”s sleepy (:

8-Are you coming to nyc for the hustaball?

A: Unfortunately I am not…

9-I have a few:
What’s the nastiest, kinkiest thing you’ve done on or off camera?
What do you fantasize about? Have you ever acted out one of your fantasies?
Is there something you would like to do sexually that you’ve never done before.

A: Wow! I wonder who sent those questions!! I’m gonna work hard here!! The kinkiest thing I’ve ever done: hmm well my ex-bf peed in my ass, fucked me with it, filled me up and after all that I spilled it all in a glass and drank it all.
My current fantasy is to get fisted really hard! Like for real!!! Punching and all ☺ And last but not least, I think I’m trying everything I want actually… if it’s something that I want i just go out and get it!!!

10-Hey Hot man! Will we see you fist and get fisted when Michael Lucas comes to Berlin?

A: That’s the plan!!!! Trust me, you don’t wanna know what I’ve been sitting on in order for that to happen!! I really want it to! Let’s all cross our fingers!

11-I’ve never seen you work with any Black guys, but I was curious if you “work” with Black guys on your own personal time?
In “Paris Playboys” you can see me with a black guy!!!
We all love black meat!!!

12-Hello Jonathan,
Txs for ur gret porn vids. Awesome to see you have sex. And having no limits, love ya for that. Saw in ur blog ur practicing for a fisting vid. When will this vid be on the market?

A: Thank you Jan! I’m excited about the shoots that will take place during October in Berlin ☺ I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be AWESOME!!!

***Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! We’ll do it again next week!


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  • Vassos Z

    Hi Jonathan, thank you for creating this interview and the pleasure you offer through your films. I wonder if you like to shave or depilate your erogenous body area like ass, fleshy part of thigh. Your partner according your preferences must be shaved or not and which part of his body must be epilated if. Do you think some fleshy body parts are stimulating the senses more when they are hairy? Next Friday night on 24th is the “gayvn awards”, do you hope to get some prize or it’s difficult to win especially the title of best newcomer? I think the best erotic duo scene is in “Men of Israel” with partner Matan Shalev as I told you in Athens. What’s your opinion about this scene and the costar Matan? Thank you in advance.

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