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Battle with Facebook

by on Apr.25, 2010, under Life

this week something disturbing has happened
my facebook profile has been deleted.
i know i should let it pass and just open a new one (which i did) but the reason it got deleted really pissed me off!

facebook supposed to be for everyone! and i feel that me being a gay ‘porn star’ kinda doesn’t fit with f.b

a few months ago we all heard about ‘facebook privacy setting’ which means that u can control who can view your profile, well i guess it doesn’t really matter if only your friends can view it.

that’s the story:
in the last two months my profile has been reported a few times. u can see the pictures that have been reported attached.

call me blind but those pictures are NOT sexual!!! they r gay.. they are sexy.. but they are not sexual!
f.b did delete them and gave me a warning.. day after day i got more and more warnings .. it’s clear to understand that their was one ‘good soul’ in my friends list that kept reporting my pics and and f.b administration just said ‘AMEN’ and deleted them instead of just deleting this person from my friends.
last week Lucas Entertainment gave me a website! i was so happy and what’s the first thing i did? publish it in my f.b profile .. i mean, i want my friends to know I’ve got a website.. right?? NOT!!!
my profile got deleted!
i understand that my site is sexual. i understand that children might be offended. but i also understand that that’s why f.b made the privacy setting .. i do not have 16 years old kids in my friend list and i choose who to accept to my friends list very carefully! and i also understand that i do porn! i have a website and if in my info page in my f.b profile they ask for a website

if you guys in the f.b administration got a problem with that, just add to your terms of use a section saying: PORN STARS ARE NOT ALOUD ON FACEBOOK
that’s it. had to take it out of my system

of course i opened a new f.b profile. add me (;
(only if you’re mature over 21 and like porn hahaha)

jonathan agassi


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